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10 Reasons Why Cheap Artificial Grass Is Great for Dog Shelters

If you run a dog shelter, you know how demanding the maintenance can be. Here are 10 ways cheap artificial grass can help. Few businesses could benefit from artificial grass as much as a dog shelter. Why? It is the ideal surface for dog environments. It’s able to stand up to the intensity of a [...]

Cheap Artificial Grass for Dogs 6 Things You’ll Love About It

We all love to see our pets having a good time. But have you ever considered whether your lawn or yard could be better for your cat or dog? Our furry legged friends love to get out on the grass. However, if you have a natural grass area, then maybe this has led to some [...]

5 PawSome Benefits of Pet Turf

Are you a pet owner? If so, you've probably considered artificial lawns at least once, when your pet has dug your yard up again, or has turned it into a mud bath. As a responsible pet lover, though, you do have some concerns about how your pet and an artificial lawn would mix. Have no [...]

7 Tips for Potty Training A Puppy In An Apartment

Living in an apartment poses a few challenges for potty training your new puppy since your smaller space will make it harder to take them outside for restroom breaks. Yet, it is possible to help them learn how and when to use the restroom with minimal messes even during the first few weeks. The most [...]

Here’s Why Artificial Grass Is Beneficial for Dogs

Want to install a patch of grass for your dogs? Many pet owners are turning to artificial grass for their dogs even if they have a back yard to let them run in. You know that artificial grass can help save money because it does not require mowing or fertilizer. Artificial grass also helps save water. [...]

6 Ways Artificial Turf for Dogs Is Safe and Beneficial

Looking for safe artificial turf for dogs? Artificial grass has come a long ways since its initial development, so you can rest assured it's perfectly safe for you and your dogs. In fact, it may actually be safer than natural grass considering it doesn't need dangerous chemicals to maintain its health. Your pet, after all, spends a [...]

Artificial Grass for Dogs at O’Hare Airport

There may be three outdoor facilities where dogs can find relief at the busy Chicago’s O’Hare International, but the airport just added a new facility indoors to make things even easier on dogs and their owners. The facility features artificial grass capable of quick drainage and easy clean up, making it a little easier for [...]

Artificial Turf at the Indoor Dog Park Provides Easy Clean Up

Indoor animal facilities often benefit from artificial turf much in the same way indoor sports facilities benefit. Similar to sports facilities, indoor animal facilities can provide their visitors with long lasting comfort that simulates the feeling of being outside. This is especially beneficial for areas experiencing wet weather often and in turn see a decrease in [...]

Want Fake Grass for Dogs Cheap?

If you want to find fake grass for dogs cheap, consider the reduced cost of used turf. Recycled grass is less expensive than new artificial grass because it's been re-purposed from sports fields. We saw a steady increase of interest around artificial grass for dogs over the past year and expect to see the trend continue as homeowners look [...]

4 Reasons Artificial Turf for Pets Makes Life Easier

  Did you know you could get artificial turf for pets? Artificial grass is beneficial for homeowners interested in saving time and money without sacrificing their lawn, but artificial grass for pets goes a step further by providing a dedicated place for pets to play, sleep, or relieve themselves in private. Here are some of the best [...]