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Why Recycled Turf Is Environmentally Safe

Many people are turning to artificial lawns to create beautiful lush lawns in their yards without having to care for them. There are lots of natural alternatives to lawns, so is an artificial lawn dangerous to the environment? In fact, artificial lawns are actually environmentally safe. Recycled turfs are even more so. Here's why if [...]

Native California Shrubs: Reduce Wind-Driven Evaporation

One of the most overlooked ways to conserve water is to reduce wind-driven evaporation in the garden, especially of water in soil. People often forget to protect plants from the wind, which can cause soil to dry out more quickly. While you want your garden to have good airflow, native California shrubs provide excellent windbreaks [...]

July 2016 Was The Hottest Month, Like, Ever

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration both say last month was the hottest July throughout recorded history. That's pretty scary. "The record continues a global hot streak that scientists have linked to global warming, with average temperatures continuing to climb as extreme weather events occur more frequently. The July data underscores the fact that man’s role in climate [...]

Happy Earth Overshoot Day

It's only August and we've already used up our resources for all of 2016. Happy Earth Overshoot Day – the day that reminds us of the giant toll we take on our planet. Want to Help? There are things you can do to help save resources throughout the year of course  – most of which you [...]

Climate Models Capable of Predicting Global Change

Researches have been testing climate models in effort to effectively use climate models to predict (and hopefully prevent) warming on both an oceanic and global way. From 1970 through 2005, the models on average showed a warming of 0.41 Watts per square meter and from 1992-2005 the models gave 0.77 Watts per meter squared. This [...]

The Drought Is The New Normal for South West

After pushing five years and showing no sign of relief, it seems the drought has become the new normal throughout the south west. For homeowners, this means higher temperatures, harsher water restrictions, and the increased chance of fire. Read full article at National Geographic 

National Weather Service Reveals New Temperature Records

Is it getting warmer in here? Very. The National Weather Service revealed several new temperature records set yesterday, including Yuma (120 degrees), Phoenix (118) and Tucson (115). These are merely glimpses of what may be in store for us in the future if we don't change the way we consume energy. “If we continue with business-as-usual burning [...]

El Niño Snowmelt Will Be A Quarter Less than Normal

Though the El Niño storms brought levels of snow considered close to normal to the Sierra, it looks like the snowmelt is going to be about a quarter short of normal snowmelt. The Department of Water Resources now projects that the mountains will produce about three quarters of normal runoff during the months of heaviest snowmelt, [...]

California Hopes Artificial Intelligence Can Solve Water Crisis

California is employing Watson, the artificial intelligence capable of cognitive computing, to solve water crisis. Developed by IBM, the artificial intelligence is capable of understanding information and thinking upon on it. It once competed on Jeopardy and even held a conversation with science fiction director Ridley Scott. Today, scientists are hoping it may be able to [...]

A Visualization of Global Warming from 1850 to 2016

Ed Hawkins put together a visual compilation of how much temperatures have increased from 1850 to 2016. The results are stunning, as they reveal how dramatically temperatures have increased in just the past few years. Take a look. Full article at The Guardian Artificial Grass Recyclers offers used artificial grass in effort to reduce environmental [...]