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Artificial Grass Recyclers is an innovative company producing the most affordable artificial grass in America.

In effort to bring you more affordable artificial grass products while keeping waste out of landfills, we created an innovative recycling process. Today, we’re responsible for recycling over 17 million square feet of artificial grass, and we’re just getting started.

Artificial Grass in Bakersfield

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Bakersfield, California – home to oil rigs and California State University’s Bakersfield campus.

It is also home to a thriving agricultural community nestled within the San Joaquin Valley that brings a large source of local crops, including grapes, almonds, citrus, roses, cotton, carrots, and alfalfa. With a current population just shy of 400,000 residents, Bakersfield is a welcoming community for a true Californian.

The arts, locally grown food, and many outdoor activities are what make Bakersfield so wonderful. In fact, it has approximately 60 parks, miles and miles of bike routes, and river rafting to boot. And that isn’t all. Sports seem to be popular in this city — Golf, soccer, basketball, CSU’s sports teams, and several speedways keep the outdoor group activities booming year-round. This is likely because the city boasts about having about 300 sunny days each year!

So, if you have an incredible amount of sunny days in a place where outdoor sports and activities are extremely common, then a lot of effort must be spent on watering the landscape. How else could Bakersfield keep the fields and golf courses so healthy? Think about it – when have you ever seen a golf course with brown grass? Exactly.

Bakersfield has a climate like that of a desert. So, having an easy way to maintain the green grass in their many outdoor sporting areas could help tremendously. In fact, investing in an artificial turf could provide many benefits for the residents, the city, and the water supply! And those aren’t even all the benefits. Check these out:

  • Artificial turf is easy to maintain as it requires virtually no maintenance! You will no longer have to mow, weed eat, fertilize, or even edge your grass to keep it looking swell.
  • No water required! Artificial grass will not require any water to maintain. So, since Bakersfield gets about 6.5 inches of rain each year, this will save a lot of the city’s time and resources.
  • It is cleaner. Because it will hardly ever be wet, and the fact that even when it is there is no mud, you don’t have to worry about getting yourselves or equipment dirty.
  • Its soft and cushioned. Artificial turf has a bit of a bounce to it, making it less painful on older joints and, in contact sports, makes the ground tumble a little less harsh.
“I have always been a DIY type of guy, so doing it by myself was the only way to go. Jake walked me through the step by step process and gave me the best overall advice … Now my yard looks absolutely amazing and I never have to worry about mowing again!” – Tyler

Artificial Grass In Bakersfield

Switching to artificial grass means you can finally decide to transform your entire landscape to include plants and flowers that are also able to survive on minimal amounts of water. For example:

  • New Mexico Spinystar or New Mexico Pincushion Cactus, in the Spiny Star Cactus family, is a beautiful and bright flower, shining in bright hues of pinks.
  • Serpentine Columbine is a blooming desert flower that stands out with its bright orange, red, and yellow colors.
  • Autumn Sapphire Sage is a bright blue flower that is a favorite to hummingbirds.
  • May Night Meadow Sage has lavender and purple flowers that bloom in a neat, compact manner.
  • Butterscotch Baby Gazania, also known as African Daisy, are bright golden yellow in color and make a lovely, small addition to any water-wise garden.

Creating a water conservative landscape amidst a desert-like background does not mean that you cannot spring for bright colors and green grass. Choosing any of the options above can lead to great discussion, attention, and a welcoming feel to all the sport complexes in Bakersfield.

Whether you choose to spend your time journeying through the Kern River Preserveor playing a golf match with your buddies, Bakersfield will make a bold statement about protecting its city for future generations when it makes the switch to a water-wise green landscape.

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