If you are looking at re-landscaping your yard, you may have stumbled upon some information about artificial grass. The question is, is this type of turf right for you? You have to take a look at the many benefits that artificial grass has in order to get a better idea of its usefulness to you.

1. Reduce Water Usage

One of the biggest reasons that artificial grass is becoming so popular, especially in places like California, is because it significantly reduces water usage. Experts speculate that 1 square foot of synthetic grass helps save about 66 gallons of water each year. It is an easy way to cut back on water without sacrificing curb appeal.

2. Custom Designed

Turf can also be custom designed for your home or business. Do you want soccer or football lines in the backyard? You can buy artificial grass with those lines already on it. It is custom fit to your space and for your needs.

3. Little Maintenance

Another huge benefit to having a synthetic lawn is that it requires very little maintenance. You will not have to mow. It does not require fertilizer or weed repellant. That means very little maintenance, and it even saves you money in the long run!

4. Looks Good

Finally, when you have artificial grass it looks good no matter the weather. If it rained yesterday or last month, it will be green and lush. If it is scorching hot or really cold, it will look good. There was a time when artificial grass looked fake, but not anymore. Now it just looks like real grass that happens to be flawless.

Getting artificial grass is an investment, but it is one that has a lot of benefits. If you want to reduce your water usage, really be able to custom design your space, reduce the maintenance requirements and have a lawn that always looks good, you need to consider getting artificial grass.