Baseball fields tend to get very muddy very quickly – especially those featuring dirt infields.

This type of playing field tends to be particularly rough for players in areas faced with regularly rain. In addition to becoming muddy during rainfall, the dirt hardens after drying and creates a much harder surface. Stealing bases becomes a lot less appealing when you know you have to slide on rough dirt. Jackson high school felt it was time to make some changes, so they looked to artificial grass for sports as a solution.

“Moving forward with our program especially in this weather, being able to practice and play games especially in the spring, moving to the Astro Turf was the route to go for us,” Gamble said. “There has been a lot of tradition here over the past two decades … that (the new turf) helps the situation and it does create momentum. I think we put a very good product out and our guys train the right way and play the right way. We do that at a high level, which represents school and community very well.”

It sounds like the hybrid baseball field featuring both natural grass and artificial grass for sports was a hit for both the maintenance crew and the players. Maintenance doesn’t have to work too hard to keep the field in shape both for play and cosmetically, players can depend on the artificial turf for uniform, durable play.

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