Looking for safe artificial turf for dogs?

Artificial grass has come a long ways since its initial development, so you can rest assured it’s perfectly safe for you and your dogs. In fact, it may actually be safer than natural grass considering it doesn’t need dangerous chemicals to maintain its health.

Your pet, after all, spends a bit of time in the yard alongside these chemicals, and in most cases tracks them into your home.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways artificial turf for dogs is safe and beneficial.

No Poisonous Chemicals Required

Think back to all the maintenance work that you’ve had to do with the present lawn.

Remember all that spraying and treating? In some cases, you had to keep the dog inside for several hours after the lawn was treated with different types of chemicals. Your recycled artificial turf will never need treatments of this nature. That means there’s never anything in the yard that could cause your pet any health issues or discomfort. The dog can run, play, nap, or do whatever else the animal wants to do and be perfectly safe.

Artificial Turf for Dogs Is Soft

The fact that the turf is soft is not just a good thing for you.

Your pet will like the feel too.

Don’t be surprised if you notice the dog rolling around on the turf and having a wonderful time. The texture of the grass also provides a comfortable place to curl up under a tree and enjoy a nap.

Ticks or Fleas Aren’t Attracted

Ticks can infest a yard quickly.

As your pet plays in the yard, it’s easy enough to pick up quite a few, since they lurk in the natural grass. When you install artificial turf, the odds of your dog developing a tick problem are kept to a minimum.

No Dirt Required

When your pet goes outside after the rain, it’s a safe bet that there will be mud tracks all over the linoleum when the dog comes back inside. The fact that there are no muddy areas for the pet to step in will make it much easier to keep the floors clean.

Evergreen and Uniform

You already know that your pet has areas of the yard set aside for answering the call of nature. That leads to ugly brown spots that must be dealt with. Once you have the synthetic grass in place, there will be no more brown spots. That makes your life a lot easier.

Dogs Can’t Dig Up Synthetic Grass

Unlike the real thing, safe artificial turf for dogs resists the attempts by household dogs to dig. Assuming the turf is installed correctly, digging a hole under the fence and going for an unsupervised stroll around the neighborhood will not be possible. Your pet won’t be able to dig a hole that happens to be near your clothesline. Thanks to the lack of a hole, you won’t trip and send a full basket of freshly laundered clothing flying across the back yard.

The bottom line is that artificial grass will not harm your pet in any way. If anything, the installation of the synthetic turf will make life a little easier for everyone in the home, including the four-legged members. Talk with a contractor today and learn more about the style and color options. It won’t take long to find a product that is a perfect fit for the grounds.

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