Replacing at least part of your landscape with artificial turf for dogs will make your landscape more dog-friendly and help minimize the amount of time and effort you have to spend cleaning up their messes.

Using artificial turf will also eliminate digging if you have a canine that is inclined to try to dig his way to China every time he goes outdoors.

Dogs Can’t Dig Holes In Artificial Turf

Artificial grass will stand up to the sharp claws of your canine companions and stop them from digging. No more holes in the yard. No more digging under the fence trying to escape. No more costly sod replacement.

Artificial Turf for Dogs Is Clean

Since the dogs can’t dig in the dirt, they won’t be tracking dirt indoors. No more muddy paws tracking their way across your living room rug. Artificial turf for dogs lessens your indoor cleaning chores.

It’s Easy

Artificial turf enables your dog to stay cleaner longer so the need for bathing will be less frequent. While some dogs may enjoy bath time, most owners do not enjoy the task of bathing a dog only to watch him return to his dug-out dirt hole and wallow in it. This won’t happen when artificial grass is covering the ground where the dog spends his outdoor time.

Pet Waste Is Easy to Clean

Artificial turf has drainage holes hidden under the turf that allows the dog’s elimination matter to drain through quickly so it’s not stepped in by him or you. What’s not on the paws or feet won’t get tracked into the home, making artificial grass a more hygienic and dog-friendly solution that turf , dirt or even concrete.