Are you thinking about taking advantage of one of the many cash for grass programs available?

Even with predictions of future intermittent rain showers, climatology experts see no immediate end to the drought that has been plaguing California. It would take continuous wet weather over an extended period in California and some of its neighboring states to offset drought conditions entirely.

Cash for Grass Program

Local, state and federal officials in California and nearby states like Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon have used a variety of methods to encourage residents to conserve water.

One popular method has been the creation of programs that provide residents with rebates when they make certain water conservation changes such as replacing their grass with drought-tolerant landscaping. In California, residential, commercial and institutional “Cash for Grass” programs exist. Residents can usually find information about programs with a simple online search that includes the words “cash for grass,” “turf replacement” or “turf rebate.”

The bulk of these programs are funded through monies that were set aside by the state specifically for this purpose. Some programs also receive funding through donations.


  1. Residents approved to participate in a program receive a rebate between approximately $0.25 and $2.00 per square foot when they replace their natural grass or other high maintenance plants with synthetic and/or drought-resistant landscaping.
  2. Some forms of new landscaping, such as artificial grass, can help prevent soil loss through wind erosion by blanketing the ground.
  3. The switch to drought-resistant landscaping reduces water bills and time lost to landscaping maintenance.

Things to Remember

  • Many areas have per household or location caps. The maximum dollar amount is typically based on location, site usage and/or funds availability.
  • Some programs don’t offer rebates to residents who use certain types of artificial products because of concerns about the permeability of the artificial backing. Almost all programs require that the replacement turf or plants allow air and water to seep through to the ground.
  • Several forms of artificial grass meet the above requirement. Residents can often find inexpensive, used artificial turf for their sites.


Taking advantage of cash for grass programs while they’re still available is a smart way to replace your natural grass.

The rebates available help homeowners move toward a drought-tolerant landscaping solution in effort to save water. In turn, this helps homeowners save money for other things, like college, vacations, and retirement.

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