There is now used artificial turf for sale in the Cincinnati Ohio area.

The used turf is being supplied by Artificial Grass Recyclers. AGR is a national company with used turf facilators in all differnt parts of the country. The goal of the company is to repurpose artificial turf so that it can be used in future landscaping projects. AGR now has a new facility that is stocked with thousands of square feet of used field turf.

Used turf is the perfect solution for the budget conscious consumer. Even those on the tightest budget will be able to enjoy the benefits of synthetic grass. In many cases, new artificial grass is too expensive and out of the budget of some projects. The beautiful thing about used field turf is that it gives people the opportunity to be able to afford artificial grass and the benefits that it provides.Get Great Used Artificial Turf in the Cincinnati Area

This becomes possible when sports facilities decide to upgrade their artificial turf fields. The old artificial grass is removed prematurely. This make thousands of square feet of good turf available to be repurposed. The artificial turf is still in good shape and will last for many more years.

Used field turf can be used for many different types of projects. Used indoor turf can be used for indoor soccer, indoor batting cage, crossfit gyms. Used artificial turf can be used for outdoor projects like football fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, lacrosse fields,putting greens, field hockey, batting cages, residential landscaping, and commercial landscaping. Used turf is also a great solution for dog kennel facilities that are looking for affordable synthetic grass. Fake grass for dogs gives pet facilities a solution to eliminate the cost of maintaining real grass.

AGR is providing recovery alternatives for used artificial turf in Cincinnati by bringing affordable, sustainable sports and landscape solutions to consumers, business and communities.

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