The idea of putting down synthetic turf is something that is becoming extremely popular these days. Yet, there are still some common myths about this type of artificial grass that you may believe including the cost of artificial grass.

The following are some of the myths that you might have heard at some point. In fairness, many of them date from the early days of synthetic grass, when it was still largely unknown to many people.

Let’s dispel them.

The Cost of Artificial Grass: It Is Very Expensive

It is still common for homeowners to assume that they would need to pay out a fortune to get an artificial lawn. However, this isn’t the case anymore and you can get a terrific lawn even on a relatively modest budget these days.

One smart way of doing this is to purchase recycled turf, like the kind that was mentioned earlier in this article.

Buying and laying a lawn of this type is typically more expensive than using seeds to grow natural grass. However, the price gap is now smaller than ever before and isn’t something that should be a major factor for most people. It also saves you lots of time.

It Could Cause Health Problems

One of the most persistent myths about this type of grass is that it’s in some way dangerous or toxic. The truth is that modern artificial grass is made in a highly responsible way to meet tough safety regulations.

Artificial grass is now completely safe for you to use at home or in any other type of setting. Whether you want to eat picnics or let the kids roll around and play on it, there is nothing to worry about.

Just be sure to look for a responsible grass company that provides turf, which meets the current safety standards and you, will be fine. There is certainly no need to lose sleep over whether your lawn is doing you and your family some sort of damage.

It Is Terrible for the Planet

Do you think that all artificial turf is terrible for the environment? It is still common for people to assume that synthetic grass is something that does a lot of damage to the planet.

However, there are a couple of important points to understand in this respect if you want to live an eco-friendly life. For a start, improvements in the production process means that this kind of grass is far less harmful to the environment than you might believe.

Even more important is the fact that you can now choose to buy recycled artificial grass to reduce the environmental impact. This is simply synthetic turf that has been lifted up and recycled to make it as good as new again, while also being reusable.

All Artificial Grass is the Same

Another common misconception is that there is just one type of artificial grass that you can choose. In truth, there are a number of different kinds that are suitable for varying needs and budgets.

It is worth taking the time to look around at your options before you make a final decision. For instance, do you want a luxury feel, a budget lawn or the lowest maintenance variety for your lawn?

There is a big selection for you to choose from and you will want to pick a type of grass that you feel completely satisfied with, in both the long-term and the short-term. Maybe you will want a nice, spongy type or the kind that is perfect carrying out sports on. The decision is yours. You are definitely not limited.

It Gets Very Hot Easily

Have you heard or read somewhere that artificial grass tends to get extremely hot when the sun is out and shining all day long? This is another example of a fallacy regarding artificial grass.

Present day synthetic grass is made to reflect as much heat as possible, rather than absorbing it. This means that it is generally very comfortable to walk or play on, even on a hot summer’s day.

If it is a scorching hot day and you want to cool down on your lawn, then you can hose cold water onto it and enjoy the fresh sensation. Otherwise, you will be able to walk across it without any problems throughout the year.

It Is Very Difficult to Lay

If the thought of laying an artificial lawn brings you out in a cold sweat, then it is possible that you have come across one of the most common widely believed myths. In this case, the perceived problem is that it is an incredibly difficult and time-consuming thing to do.

Yet, this is actually a simple and fairly enjoyable task that many people now carry out as a weekend DIY job. All you need is a few basic tools and enough time to do this job in a relaxed way without any pressure.

Of course, if you prefer to leave it to the experts, then this is an option that you can also explore easily enough. Either way, you will have your new lawn in place and ready to use in no time.

It Doesn’t Drain Well

A big concern for anyone who lives in a rainy area is around how well their lawn drains. The idea of having pools of water sitting there for most of the year is something that no-one wants to contemplate.

The good news around this point is that you can expect good quality artificial turf to have excellent drainage, even in tough conditions. The better the material and the laying process, the more likely it is that you will have a well-drained lawn in the future.

This means that if you live somewhere that is prone to periods of heavy rain, then it makes sense that you ensure the drainage is one of the key points that you take into account when choosing the grass type.

After you have discovered that these issues are nothing more than myths, it should be a lot easier to make the decision to choose artificial grass for your lawn.

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