Many people are creative in decorating their homes.

That creativity often spills out to their gardens which become a showplace for their creativity. One way to be creative is by recycling and repurposing items that would otherwise be thrown away. There is no right way or wrong way to recycle anything.

Old Tires

Old worn out tires are a problem to dispose of. However, they can be creative decorative items in your garden. Take one and paint it a vibrant color; fill it with soil and use it as a planter. Stack several on top of each other, attach them together, and use it as a base for a worktable.

Plastic Bottles

Every family has an overabundance of plastic bottles. Use the two or three liter bottles as planters for flowers or herbs. Use them vertically by cutting them in half or horizontally with a large opening cut out of the top. Attach them to a fence, place them on the ground or on a table.


For recycling junk as decorative pieces, anything goes. For the truly creative person, take an old child’s wagon and turn it into a planter. You can do the same with an old wheelbarrow. Use old tire or bicycle rims as accent pieces within a lush grouping of plants of varying heights. Turn rustic bath tubs or sinks into planters. Use old spoons as hangers for pots. Use a screw to attach the bowl to a wall or fence. Bend the handle to hold a hanging basket. You can even repurpose old furniture such as a dresser. Open the drawers. Fill them with soil, and set flowers in them.


Using recycled artificial grass an innovative way to hide bare spots in your garden. Add a few potted plants and that once bare area will be transformed into an area of beauty of your garden.

Recycling is smart.

You are limited only by your imagination in how you create a beautiful and unique garden that you will be proud of and will enjoy.

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