Looking for a durable, water-wise landscaping solution for your yard this summer?

Fake grass has become the go-to landscaping solution that provides a wide range of benefits for a variety of applications.

Aren’t you tired of the ongoing struggle to keep your yard looking great all year round? Maybe you’re looking for a solution to overcome the challenge of keeping your pet area healthy and attractive. Or, maybe you want to install a soft surface area for that playground in the yard?

What ever you hope to achieve in your yard, fake grass is an affordable option to consider.

Today, we’d like to take a closer look at four creative ways to use fake grass in your yard

Let’s go!

1. Create Evergreen Play Areas with Fake Grass

Recycling your previously used artificial grass by creating a DIY play space is one great way to not only decrease your eco footprint but to keep the kids safe as well, which is the most important factor of all.

Artificial grass is clean and safe, does not require watering or mowing (reducing those lawn mower emissions!) and is thick and spongy, providing a safe, easy surface on which rambunctious children can tumble and land – without the risk of injury.

Fake grass is ideal for carpeting jungle gyms and play sets, providing the underlay for swing sets, creating a slip-free pool surround, or as the ground in an at-home outdoor sports area. It’s perfect for playing soccer, lacrosse, baseball, or practicing throwing the perfect spiral. Turf is an inexpensive way to create a play area for kids of any age, ensuring they get lots of exercises outdoors and are not left sitting inside all summer playing video games.

2. Overcome the Struggle to Keep Your Pet Area Healthy

Pets love fake grass.

It is easily drained and even more easily washed when needed, but you don’t have to worry about pets’ claws destroying the grass and creating mud pits.

Additionally, lying used turf in your pet area will eliminate the temptation for those dogs who have a penchant for digging.

The turf will protect your property from becoming hole-ridden. Fake grass drains easily when properly installed and can also be cleaned easily. It is soft on your pets’ paws, and you won’t have to worry about it being infested with rocks and other natural sharp impediments that can cause harm to those little puppy paws.

Your furry loved ones will be safe without the need to watch over them in your yard.

3. Cover Unattractive Yard Bins

Everyone’s yard is filled with the practical items: storage boxes for holding hoses and tools, sheds for keeping lawn equipment safe, and bins of sports paraphernalia. These items can be unsightly, especially as they age and become weather-beaten.

Used or remnant pieces of artificial turf can take these eyesores from cringe-worthy to a beautiful, natural, integral part of your yard. Cover your bins and boxes with synthetic turf to create the look of a box-hedge – this will also help these practical storage areas look like an organic part of your yard. Everything will match since everything will be landscaped with fake grass.

4. Add Some Green to Your Fencing

Similarly, you can reuse used or remnant artificial grass to cover your existing fence to create a living-style fence. Fencing, like yard storage areas, often looks beautiful at first, but ages poorly as it is assaulted by time and weather. And there is nothing more unattractive than ugly fencing surrounding your beautiful, pristine outdoor oasis.

Covering your fence with artificial turf will not only make it look like a more beautiful and organic part of your yard, it will also help protect your fence. Wood fencing can become rotted and brittle, compromising the integrity of the fence. This may also save you money in the long run.

The synthetic turf will protect the fencing from the weather.  The wood or metal underneath will be preserved, and any already-deteriorating pieces will be covered and won’t put your children, pets, or guests at risk from splinters, cuts, or collapse.


Synthetic grass is a low-maintenance landscaping material you can use for a variety of projects.

Whether you would like to create a softer play area for your kids in the backyard, overcome the challenge of keeping your pet area healthy, or even replacing your existing landscaping with water-wise fake grass, you’ll find used turf to be an affordable solution for all your needs.


We love hearing how homeowners are using turf to enhance their backyards, so please be sure to share your own story in the comments below.

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