Ready to liven up your balcony?

Many people may have a balcony attached to their apartment without knowing what exactly to do with it. Don’t sit back and let your balcony fall into neglect.

By decorating your balcony, the dynamic of your apartment opens up. Although only a small space, there are dozens of décor ideas to spruce up a balcony.

So get decorating now and start reaping the benefits.

What are the Benefits?

If you have neglected your balcony, you are missing out on a special feature, which not many people have in their homes.

You have the option to escape the indoors without having to leave your home, which can be wonderful. On top of this, with a nice balcony as an added plus to your apartment, you can really increase the overall value. This is important to bear in mind for the future in case you want to sell.

How to Decorate A Small Apartment Patio

Decorating your balcony doesn’t have to be a big project.

Take a look at the following ideas and see which of them could inject some new and exciting life into your apartment balcony.

Add Some Tables and Chairs

Transform your balcony from a standing area into a seating area that is designed for you to relax in.

With some simple furniture you can also create a social area for your family. By adding somewhere to sit along with a table, you now have somewhere to have your tea in the mornings.

With tables and chairs added, you can relax and have meals or even have some friends around. Tables and chairs are not only purposeful, but they are also visually appealing, depending on what you choose.

Take a look at this selection of furniture ideas specifically for balconies.

Plants Are Always an Attractive Idea

You will be amazed at what a big difference some small plants can make.

Even if it is only a few shrubs placed in the corner, some greenery will transform your balcony for the better. There is of course the option to branch out with some more exotic plants, which will raise your balcony to new heights. With the addition of plants, there will naturally come the choice of adding hanging baskets.

A hanging basket will allow you to place your plants and flowers above the ground, which is essential in a small place.

Try a hanging basket on your balcony railings and filling it with some exotic flowers.

Bring the Outdoors To You With Artificial Grass

In keeping with plants above, some artificial grass can really give a unique touch to your balcony.

Artificial grass will give your balcony the look and feel of real grass, making you feel that you are in the outdoors. Artificial grass is easy to attach to your balcony, and it is certainly better than many other surfaces, like cold hard stone. With artificial grass, you won’t have to maintain it like the real deal.

All in all, you get the great visual aspect without having to worry about keeping it healthy.

Add Some Character With Arts and Crafts

Whether it’s bought in stores or hand-made by yourself, some artistic additions will alter your balcony with style.

Things like beanbags and sculptures or any zany items can breathe some new life into your balcony. Hanging some paintings will also create a nice interesting atmosphere.

Just remember to be creative.

A Good Old Lick of Paint

One of the most basic means of transformation is of course a new paint job.

Try to create a colour scheme which will uplift your old balcony into a fresh one. If you correlate your paint-job with your furniture and crafts, you will create something truly amazing.

Having an overall theme always adds a great dynamic to a room or area, so consider a paint-job to match the rest of your balcony.

Create Atmosphere with Some Lighting

A balcony left in the shadows and darkness will never impress anyone.

Adding lights is an easy way to transform your patio a night time haven. Lights will also highlight some of the best features on a balcony, so it’s worth using them if you want to show off.

Choose from a whole array of lights, there is a lot of variety out there on offer.

LED lights for example are a great addition to have on your balcony due to their mobility.

If lights don’t tickle your fancy, try the more classic choice of candles.

Candles are the real mood-setters and they will really take things up a notch. With candles also comes safety of course, but this won’t stop you.

Buy some nice lanterns or create some candle holders which will also tie in with the mentioned arts and crafts idea.

Bring In the Professionals

There is always the option to let the professional designers and fitters do all the technical work.

There are many companies out there which specialize in balcony fitting, and they will certainly bring some unique ideas to the table.

Bringing in a professional company will allow you to sit back and relax whilst your balcony undergoes a complete transformation. All you have to do is tell them what you want.

Keep Security in Mind

When you have successfully revamped your balcony with all the nice furniture and so on, you might want to try and protect it.

After all, your things are outside, which can make them vulnerable.

Theft may not pose as a big threat for people living on the highest floor of a high rise building.

Even so, you might want to make sure your things are safe. You can obtain balcony security systems, which will alert you to intruders and other security systems. Aside from theft, if you have young kids, you can install high railings to ensure safety.

Last but not least, personalised balcony doors and windows can be a good approach to ensuring total safety. Make sure you have doors and windows which are completely secure.