You’ve seen your neighbors laying artificial grass in their yards and you know about the benefits turf provides homeowners, but you’ve been hesitant to explore the option yourself.

After all, it’s an expensive job and you need experts to carry out the job, right?

Not necessarily.

In fact, installing artificial grass is much easier and quicker than you thought.

Today, we’re going to reveal just how easy it can be for the experienced DIY homeowner.

Let’s get started …

You probably have the tools

If you’re thinking of laying your own artificial lawn, then you won’t need an awful lot of tools in order to do it. It’s a job that uses tools that you either already have, or are readily available in your nearest hardware store.

You’ll need tools such as:

  • Digging tools, such as a shovel
  • Building sand
  • Craft knife
  • Joining tape
  • Outdoor brush
  • Protective gloves
  • Weed control fabric
  • Club hammer

As you can see, all of these tools are easy to get your hands on, making the job of laying your grass easy and hassle free.

Follow a step-by-step installation guide

Now, we’re not saying everyone can install their own artificial turf.

However, if you can follow instructions and have a knack for DIY projects, we’re confident you can install your own turf. With the guidance of a few helpful how-to videos about artificial grass installation, you should be able to prep, install, and maintain your artificial turf yourself.

If you read the instructions carefully and take your time, you can lay a lawn that’s just as good as a professional one. Many DIYers compare this job to laying a carpet. If you’ve done that before, you can do this.

Installation doesn’t take as long as you think

Laying your own lawn can feel like a massive undertaking, which may be putting you off. You’re only a DIY expert in your own time, you can’t devote the time needed to lay a lawn properly, right? In fact, it can take less time than you’d think.

The time needed to lay a lawn will, of course, depend on the area you’re looking to cover, and whether you have any help with you. However, the rough estimate for an average backyard is one to three days total. You could actually get the whole job done and dusted within a long weekend.

Artificial grass products are more accessible than ever

Even a few years ago, you may have had to buy your lawn from an expert and have them lay it down. Nowadays, artificial turf is easy to buy. In fact, many hardware stores are now selling rolls of turf themselves, ready for you to install.

When it’s this easy to get your hands on some turf, there’s no reason why you couldn’t install it yourself. Just be sure to measure the right amount before you go shopping, and you can easily buy enough for your needs.

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Not sure where to start?

Here’s how to choose the best artificial grass for your project.

It doesn’t have to be expensive

There’s no doubt that installing your own lawn can be cheaper than having it installed by a company. You’ll save instantly by doing the job yourself. You can also save on the tools you’ll need, too. All you have to do is use ones you already have, or borrow them from a friend or neighbor. You can even save money by buying recycled artificial grass, which has the added bonus of keeping waste out of the landfill.

Also, there are the long-term benefits to consider.

By installing an artificial lawn, you’ll save money on watering, mowing, and caring for your lawn.

A real lawn is incredibly expensive to maintain year-round, and you could be spending up to $50 every time you treat it.

With an artificial lawn, you get rid of all of this at a single stroke.

Here’s how to get started …

If you’re convinced that an artificial lawn is right for you, then this section has everything you need to know.

Follow these steps to have your own lawn ready in no time.

Step 1.

Measure your lawn. You need to know how much artificial turf you’ll need to cover the area you’ll have in mind. Measure the area carefully, and make a note of how much you’ll need. Use this when you shop online or go to the hardware store to make sure you get the right amount.

Step 2.

Gather together the tools you’ll need, as listed above.

Step 3.

Remove existing turf: If you have a small area to remove, then this is easy to do with a shovel. If you’re covering a larger area, it could be a good idea to hire a turf cutter or similar tool to get the job done.

Step 4.

Add a layer of sand: Now the turf is gone, add a layer of sand to act as a base for your new lawn. Level the sand out so the artificial turf will lie flat.

Step 5.

Lay out the weed membrane: This is an important step, as it will prevent any weeds growing through your lawn. Make sure you’ve measured it properly, so you get the right coverage.

Step 6.

Roll out your grass: Roll out the turf to ensure it fits the area properly. Use the craft knife to cut around the edges and create a neat line.

Step 7.

Join and fix the grass down: Use the joining tape to fix different sections of grass together. Then, use pins around the edges to hold the new grass down in place.

That’s all there is to it. As you can see, there’s almost no reason why you can’t lay your own artificial lawn. If your lawn is looking tired, it may be time to replace it with the artificial alternative.

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