At first glance the cost of artificial grass is high, but what is the real cost of artificial grass over time, and why do homeowners prefer it for their pets? From dogs to turtles, grass is a great surface for both your yard and your pet.

Maintaining a healthy green lawn can be difficult with certain pets – especially larger dogs. Many people who keep domesticated creatures choose artificial grass for its durability, aesthetics and other superior characteristics.

Artificial Grass for Pets Is Durable

Artificial grass for pets can withstand a great deal of roughhousing and activity, while still looking great. The repeated daily play of dogs can take a toll on the health and beauty of a traditional lawn as evidenced by thin patches and dead spots.

With artificial grass, there is no need to reseed or replace damaged areas, as it is tough enough to handle regular pet activities.


Because synthetic turf is so resilient, its maintenance costs are very low.

It requires no water, chemicals or mowing to look great. Additionally, there are no costs associated with replacing holes, yellow patches or any other animal-related damage.

Easy to Clean

Maintaining a clean lawn while also giving your pets the freedom to roam out in the backyard can be a challenge for any family. In addition to digging up sod, dogs will claim their territory wherever they feel the need, unless trained otherwise.

Artificial grass is extremely easy to clean, as it provides a solid barrier waste can’t soak through. After pickup, simply rinse the area and you’re lawn is good as new. No need to worry about grass losing color or dying due to waste.

Pet owners love artificial grass for side-yards for this reason, as you can easily train your dog to use the side-yard for relief, it’s out of sight, and it’s easy to clean.

Dogs Can’t Dig In Artifical Grass

Dog owners whose pets love to dig know how destructive and frustrating keeping up on yard damage can be.

Because artificial grass doesn’t require sod, dogs aren’t able to dig.

Non-Toxic Environment

Because artificial lawns require no fertilizers, week killers or insecticides, they are a much healthier place for pets to play.Owners need not worry about animals being exposed to, or ingesting, lawn-care products when artificial grass is installed.

For pet owners, artificial grass makes sense for many reasons.Cost and maintenance decline while aesthetics and health improve with the installation of artificial grass.A synthetic lawn is a green place for the whole family to enjoy.

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