In today’s increasingly environmentally aware age, you want to make sure that you’re recycling and reusing materials as much as possible.

After all, there’s only one planet Earth, so you need to look after it. You recycle your household waste and buy items made of recycled material, but have you thought about getting or recycling your artificial lawn? It’s much easier than you think, and reduces your yard’s impact on the environment significantly.

How Long does Artificial Grass Last?

If cared for properly, an artificial lawn can last anywhere from 7 – 10 years. This does depend on several factors. This can include the daily wear it gets, whether it’s cared for properly, the climate in which you live, and so on. If sports are played on an artificial lawn, it can degrade quicker. That’s why many sporting arenas replace their lawns more frequently, meaning you can buy the still good quality turf from them for a bargain.

What Happens when Artificial Grass has reached the End of its Life?

You can actually do plenty of things with a lawn once it’s been pulled up from its original home. The most popular choice is laying that turf in your own back yard, giving it a second life as your very own lawn.

There are lots of other uses, too. Some people send their artificial lawn off to be made into other materials. The plastic top of the lawn is separated out from the rubber and infill, and can be used to make anything from bottles to dog bowls.

Where does Recycled Grass Come from?

More often than not, a recycled lawn will come from sporting arenas who are replacing their playing surfaces. You can get in touch with them when they’re doing this work, and buy their lawn from them.

You can also buy recycled artificial lawns from most lawn suppliers now. When you search for suppliers in your local area, you’ll find most of them will have sections on their websites that allow you to buy a recycled lawn instead of a new one.

How to Install Recycled Grass

The great thing is about artificial grass is that it’s really easy to install it yourself in your own yard. Here’s how to do it:

Step one: Buy the right amount of recycled artificial grass. You’ll need to measure out the space you want to cover in the lawn before you start, and buy the right amount, plus some extra for overlap.

Step two: Remove the existing turf. This can be done with a spade if you’re only covering a small space. A larger space can be prepared using a turf cutter.

Step three: Lay builder’s sand. The next step is lay out builder’s sand, in order to create an appropriate base for your new lawn. Spread it out evenly so your lawn will lie flat.

Step four: Add a weed membrane. This is important, as it will stop weeds from coming through the new lawn.

Step five: Roll out the lawn. You’ll notice that artificial grass doesn’t stand up straight, but actually leans to one side. Roll out the lawn so the pile of the grass faces the house. The means whenever you look out on it, the lawn will look full and lush.

Step six: Fix the lawn down. Use joining tape to join edges together if you had to use more than one piece of grass. Fix the edges down with pins to keep the lawn lying flat.

Step seven: Finish up. Take a stiff bristled brush and brush up the pile of the grass, hiding any joins as you do so. There you have it! You have a perfect artificial lawn.

Other Ways to Recycle Artificial Grass

If you don’t want to lay a new lawn in your back yard, or you just want to use the artificial lawn you’ve pulled up yourself, there are plenty of uses you can put it to.

  • Pet carpeting: If there’s somewhere in your house that your pets usually frequent, you can cut out some of your lawn and lay it in that area as a carpet. That means your pets have somewhere comfortable to relax, and it will protect your floors from dirt or claw marks.
  • Outdoor cushions: Your artificial lawn is just like carpeting, and so it can be made to fit all kind of shapes. Try buying some over sized cushion inserts, and cut up squares of your artificial lawn to make covers for them. They’re great for lounging on in the garden during the summer.
  • An outdoor clock: Why not make a decorative item that will match your lawn? You can buy clock making kits from most good hobby stores, so all you need to do is cut out the lawn to fit the frame of the clock. Place in the numbers and hands and you’ve got a cool talking point hanging up in your back yard.

Benefits of a Recycled Lawn

  • You’re doing your bit for the planet: If you hadn’t put that lawn in your back yard, it would have ended up in a landfill. Doesn’t it feel better knowing you kept it out?
  • Looks just as good as new: A recycled lawn is often just as good looking as a new one, so you get a great lawn for less cash.
  • Costs less: If you’re renovating your back yard on a budget, recycled artificial grass may well be just the thing for you.
  • Needs no water: Save on the bills, as you’ll no longer need to water your lawn to keep it looking healthy. You’ll reduce your water consumption and your carbon footprint.
  • Looks great all year round: An artificial lawn will hold up all year round, as the sun or the cold won’t affect it. Now you can have a lush green lawn no matter what time of year it is.

Buy a recycled lawn for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how good it will look in your back yard.