Creating a stunning garden for any type of home can seem like a massive challenge.

However, by choosing the right approach, you will get an amazing look a lot more easily than you might think.

Let’s take a closer look at a popular trend among homeowners – walled gardens.

Walled gardens involve lovely grass and beautiful plants, this is a clever idea that will give you a fantastic garden fairly easily.

So, what does this involve and how can you best go about it?

How to Make A Wall Garden

The very first step that you need to get through is the design stage.

This is when you measure your garden to see how much space you have and then work out how best to use that space effectively. It makes sense to take your time and see as many examples as you can of walled gardens while you do this. You will find that that there are all sorts of different types around, from classic flower gardens to walled kitchen gardens.

The wall provides the plants with shelter from the worst of the weather. This is the type of garden where you might be tempted to grow tropical plants that might not survive if they were fully exposed to the elements. If you have some good walled gardens near you that you can visit then it is a great idea to do so. While you might not design something that is exactly the same, it is good to get a feel for the overall atmosphere that you feel when you are in it. Once you understand the basics, you will feel a lot more confident about creating your own little piece of paradise in your new walled garden – with less effort than you originally imagined.

Consider the Size of the Wall and the Materials

It is clear that the wall is the first essential part of any walled garden.

However, you have some decisions to make about how big the wall is to be and what it is to be made of. A really tall wall will provide more shelter and create a micro-climate that will allow you to grow different plants than would otherwise be the case. On the other hand, it could also give too much shade for your plants if it is too big.

As for the materials that you use, there is a lot of choice to take into account here. Perhaps you will go for bricks, concrete or stone for your wall. It is also worth bearing in mind that a lot of walled gardens use heated walls to allow plants to be grown there that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Overall, you are able to make a tremendous difference to the beauty and effectiveness of you garden by making a smart choice here.

The key point here is to think about how you are going to use the garden and what you are going to grow there. You can then decide how big to make the wall and what it will contain.

Let’s Talk About the Green Below the Wall

Want to compliment your wall garden?

While some materials, like brick and other stone, look like nice due to their contrasting color and textures, grass can also provide a nice complimentary look.

Using artificial grass is a clever way of getting a wonderful look that stays green and attractive all year round. This is especially important if you are worried that the weather may make it difficult to grow natural grass.

There is also the fact the artificial grass is easier to maintain than the natural version. By using it you cut down on the time that you need to keep everything looking great, which will give you more time to look after your plants or just enjoy the peace and serenity of the walled garden.

It is also interesting to note that artificial grass is both more affordable and more environmentally friendly than you might think. This is because there are specialist firms who will provide you with recycled grass that is inexpensive and doesn’t harm the planet.

The final point to consider in this respect is that you will get your walled garden looking fantastic a lot quicker with artificial grass. There is simply no need to hang around waiting for the grass to grow when you do this.

Choose Your Plants and Trees

The next step to go through is that of choosing the plants and trees to place here.

To be honest, you should have already taken this into account earlier on in the process, but there is still time to do it if you haven’t.

As we have already seen, a walled garden is perfect for providing a sheltered environment for growing plants that might not otherwise prosper in the local climate. This will mean that you are going to be tempted to grow peaches, palm trees, exotic flowers or something else that you always thought was impossible where you live.

It is an incredible feeling to be able to grow exciting plants and trees that you never thought you could own.

Find the Perfect Way to Enjoy It

Once your own walled garden is up and running, then it is time to sit back and enjoy it.

Of course, exactly how you do this is down to you. Maybe you will place a comfortable bench there, a hammock or a reclining chair. Perhaps this will become your favorite spot for a picnic, BBQ, for reading a book or for taking the kids to play.

The often warm micro-climate and welcoming feel to these places mean that they are usually fantastic spots for taking it easy and enjoying the good life, which is far from the stresses and strains of modern life. If you want a romantic place to head to every now and then or a peaceful oasis of calm and solitude, then these are ideal ways to enjoy a walled garden.

This is the sort of secluded, secure spot where you can enjoy what you have created in whatever way suits you best. Provided that you go it about it in the right way, you certainly aren’t likely to ever regret designing and building a walled garden of your own.