We understand how frustrating it is to maintain a natural lawn in light of water restrictions, volatile weather, and the increasing cost of living and doing business.

It’s just one more thing to worry about.

It doesn’t have to be, though.

As you know, artificial grass has become a popular landscaping solution over the past few years.

What you may not know is just how versatile it is.

In addition to providing a low-maintenance landscaping solution, it’s also one of the best solutions for businesses and sports facilities. In fact, it originated in the sports industry back in the late 60s.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can install artificial grass.

The Great Outdoors

Traditionally an outdoor feature, when you mention the word grass people automatically think of gardens and fields. The perfect space for little Johnny to play on, mum and dad to lounge on (and for Spot the dog to take a pee on). But let’s not be narrow-minded here, grass can be a feature in numerous spaces and artificial grass can be extremely versatile. Artificial grass can be beneficial to the environment too. You waste no water keeping it hydrated and trying to maintain its green, fresh look. There’s also no need for potentially harmful pesticides to kill weeds or feed the lawn. You can even lay recycled artificial turf (which saves cash and is even more eco-friendly). You might be surprised by the intriguing ways it can spruce up numerous spaces.

Let’s start with the traditional, good old yard. A green makeover can add finesse to your outdoor space, you can forget the sprinkler when the sun is out to play. Sell the lawn mower and invest in some gorgeous garden furniture. It’s a well-known fact that fresh air is good for the soul. Your garden will look so lush with its constantly green hue that you will want to spend every waking moment outside. Sunshine is also essential, vitamin D gives a real lift to your vigor, so when it’s nice to go outside for a healthy boost.

Childs Play

Artificial grass can also provide an excellent covering for a child-friendly area of your yard and is ideal beneath play equipment, such as swings and slides. Encourage your child to go outside, fresh air is essential for development. Trampolines are great fun, but the grass beneath them dies very quickly, move the trampoline and you are left with an ugly circle of dirt.

Laying artificial grass beneath the trampoline eradicates this problem and you could create a really fun space for your children and their friends. Nowadays, kids are constantly connected. They spend too much time glued to their phones or games console and are more likely to have virtual relationships with friends. The online world offers opportunities but cannot replace the sense of freedom and fun a child can get by running around outside with a group of pals.

Time to Let the Dogs Out

So, you’ve thought about sprucing up a space for yourselves and your children, what about your pets?

Dogs are a lovely addition to your family.

Loyal and playful, dogs are great company and can encourage the family to get together and get outside for long walks. They often like to spend time in the yard and artificial grass can prove to be a great surface for them. Dogs don’t seem to notice the difference between real and fake grass at all. They bound after balls, race around and do their business. Dogs love to play outside and you can make your garden really pet-friendly.

With a traditional lawn real grass can be affected by a peeing and pooping dog, but you can relax if you go for artificial (it’s very robust and designed so that pee will drain through). Poop can easily be removed too and you won’t be left with unsightly brown marks, just wash away any residue with a bucket of foamy water. No matter how much you adore Spot it’s hard not to be slightly annoyed when he bounds in and leaves mucky paw marks all over your newly mopped floor. Artificial lawn tends to reduce this problem too, as there are no muddy areas after wet weather. So why not let Spot and the kids have fun outside while you take a moment to enjoy your lovely garden.

Artificial lawn tends to reduce this problem too, as there are no muddy areas after wet weather. So why not let Spot and the kids have fun outside while you take a moment to enjoy your lovely garden.

Small Spaces to Big Business

There’s no need to miss out on greenery if you are lacking in outdoor space at home.

Artificial grass can be used to add a little green space to the smallest of areas. A small terrace or yard can be transformed into a mini-haven.

Businesses owners should also consider the use of artificial grass to give their outdoor areas a mini-makeover, the gray of a corporate building can be softened and roof terraces made sprightlier and more inviting. Employees with access to outdoor space can be more productive and efficient.

Bring the Outdoor In

How about taking artificial grass indoors?

It can look striking in a child’s bedroom, playroom or games room.

It also makes for a super soft carpet and adds a unique element to a room. Themed bedrooms and playrooms are great fun and they can really boost your child’s imagination. Picture the smile on their face as your football fan of a child walks in to find a football inspired room, complete with

Picture the smile on their face as your football fan of a child walks in to find a football inspired a room, complete with the pitch! (We would not suggest leaving a tempting ball on show – indoor football could lead to annoying banging of the ball off the wall and breakages)!

Take A Breather

The idea of bringing the outside in extends to adults too.

Rest and relaxation are very underrated but very important to your well-being.  A conservatory can be a great place for a soft green grass carpet, you can sit back after work, pour yourself a glass of vino and enjoy the soft tickle of the grass on your aching feet (who cares if it’s raining outside)!

Relaxation and restoration is as important as a healthy diet and exercise.

Take a moment for yourself now and again to re-energize your batteries. You could even do a little yoga if the mood takes you, stretch out on your artificial grass and feel your worries float away.