Are you considering the benefits of indoor turf fields?

Whether you manage a sports facility or participate at one, you want to consider the perks the artificial turf has to offer. If you’re not familiar with indoor turf fields, take a look at the list below for a closer look at some of the more common indoor turf fields.

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Common Indoor Turf Fields

Since it made its debut years ago, new technologies have transformed the way artificial turf looks and feels.

Today, the realistic blades, low-maintenance needs and durability have made artificial turf a go-to playing surface choice for sports facilities. Although the natural appearance of artificial turf makes it hard to identify at first glance, you can find it being used in many of the following athletic facilities.

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Softball Fields

Indoor softball fields have made it possible for the game to be played in any type of weather. Artificial turf eliminates the worry of a muddy playing field so that players and spectators can enjoy the game in total comfort.

Indoor Golfing Ranges

When golf takes place inside, it is important to replicate a natural playing field to the highest degree possible. Artificial turf not only looks natural, but it can also be selected to match the grass growing in the local area.

Baseball Batting Cages

Having an indoor baseball training area means that athletes never have to take a break from improving their skills. In fact, The University of Illinois at Chicago campus has more than 30,000 square feet of floor space, and artificial turf makes it feel like the players are outdoors.

Lacrosse Fields

Artificial turf is perfect for lacrosse, and many of these facilities host big events such as training camps.

Football Fields

From professional teams to local high schools, artificial turf has been used for years for football both indoors and outside. It’s an ideal surface for this game because players can always expect a consistent playing field without holes that could cause more slips and falls.

Military Training Facilities

Training for the military is intense for every branch, which means that it is necessary to have a durable surface that is easy to maintain. For this reason, artificial turf can be found in military training facilities throughout the world.

Rugby Fields

In addition to military training, those who play rugby take their training to extreme levels. Artificial turf in these facilities provide durability while also mimicking an outdoor playing field.


When kids have to play inside, artificial turf creates an aesthetic space that feels just like the outdoors. Parents also love that an artificial turf playground surface is safer since it is non-skid and can cushion a child’s fall.
Fitness Centers
Gyms today need a surface that stands up to the intense wear and tear created by programs such as Crossfit, and artificial turf is perfect. Since artificial turf is easy to clean, it also helps fitness centers meet their standards for hygiene.

Soccer Fields

A soccer game played on a natural grass field can get downright dangerous in the rain since cleats tend to kick up mud and create divots that increase the risk of falls. Artificial grass eliminates that risk and provides a place to play indoors so the game is never called due to weather.

Artificial turf as changed the way sports are played today since it provides a surface for competitions and training that stays exactly the same all year long. It also requires virtually no maintenance, which means games can be played back to back with little downtime in between. While aesthetics is important, safety is one of the biggest reasons why athletic facilities are gravitating toward artificial turf. When players are protected from fall-related injuries, they are free to train and compete at their highest potential.