Many people are turning to artificial lawns to create beautiful lush lawns in their yards without having to care for them.

There are lots of natural alternatives to lawns, so is an artificial lawn dangerous to the environment?

In fact, artificial lawns are actually environmentally safe.

Recycled turfs are even more so.

Here’s why if you’re trying to be eco friendly, a recycled artificial lawn is the way to go.

Artificial Turf vs. Real Turf

So, why consider artificial turf for your garden or yard? There are plenty of reasons why you should have it in your own green space, such as:

  • Eliminate the work needed on it: A real lawn needs an awful lot of care, from watering to mowing. Some weeks you’ll find you’re forever working on it when you really should just be enjoying it. An artificial lawn needs almost no maintenance, so just get out there and enjoy your yard while everyone is out mowing theirs.
  • Perfect for kids and pets: Your kids and pets love your yard, but sometimes it feels like the yard doesn’t love you back. All kinds of things can grow in your lawn that you don’t want them to come across, and it can easily be picked at, or dug up. An artificial lawn avoids all these problems at a single stroke.
  • Can be laid quickly: If you’re choosing to replace your lawn, it can be done more quickly than you’d think. In fact, depending on the size of your yard, it can be done in as little as an afternoon. If you’re concerned about your yard looking like a construction site, then you can rest easy.

Where Recycled Turf Comes From

Recycled turf can come from anywhere that has used an artificial lawn in the past. Most often though, you’ll find that a recycled lawn will come from a sporting arena.

Sports arenas actually have a long history of using artificial lawns for players to use. That’s because it was found that real lawns couldn’t hold up to constant use, and there wasn’t the time or resources to keep watering or re-turfing them when needed. Instead, artificial lawns were introduced so this wouldn’t be a problem.

This is why artificial lawns are so often associated with sporting fields. They’ve gained somewhat of a dubious reputation this way, as people think they’re the stiff and abrasive fields of old. In fact, even recycled lawns are now soft and feel more like real grass than ever before.

Save a New Artificial Lawn from being Created

So, why would you pick a recycled lawn if you’re trying to be eco friendly? Simply put, because recycling a lawn means you’re not ordering a brand new one to be made for you. That saves a lot of new chemicals being used and more plastic being created. A recycled lawn looks just as good as a new one, and you’ll feel happier knowing that you saved it from landfill.

No Need for Pesticides with an Artificial Lawn

One of the best things about a recycled lawn is that there’s no need for pesticides or other harsh chemicals on it. Home owners with real lawns find they’re forever having to put chemicals down to repel pests or stop moss growing, or any other threat to their lawn’s health. It’s time consuming and expensive, but worst of all it can even cause damage to the environment.

That’s because the chemicals home owners use are knocking other ecological systems off balance, creating slow but permanent damage to the wildlife in your area. Pesticides are possibly the worst though, as they’re designed to kill. It’s bad enough that it’s killing off the natural habitants of your yard, but it can also hurt or even kill household pets. Erase the problem with an artificial lawn, and the animals of your yard will be safe.

Save Water on Your Lawn

As mentioned earlier, an artificial lawn is a perfect way to save water. The average house hold uses more water than you’d think on their lawn. That’s a lot of water just to keep that grass looking as green and as lush as possible. There are ways to conserve water, such as using a rainwater tank to catch and use rain water, but they’re not ideal.

A recycled artificial lawn is the best step to save water. Once it’s installed, it doesn’t need any water at all. To keep it looking green and full, all you need to do is use a stiff bristled brush to remove debris and fluff up the fibers. Much better than spending all summer on it with the hose.

No More Lawn Mower Emissions

The other great thing about an artificial lawn is that you don’t need to mow it. This is perfect for several reasons. You don’t have to worry about it getting out of hand and looking like a jungle, and your neighbors will never hassle you over it. No more getting up on a Sunday and pushing the heavy old mower around the yard. It’s perfect.

It’s also a huge score for the environment. Lawn mowers give out harmful emissions that are bad for you and the world around you. Imagine how much carbon monoxide is being pumped into the atmosphere thanks to lawn mowers? You’ll cut all of that pollution out with a single stroke, once you install an artificial lawn.

Many Artificial Lawns are Made from Recycled Materials

The best part about many artificial lawns is that they’re now often made with recycled materials. Some examples include plastic water bottles and soy products. If you’re committed to the eco friendly cause, you can find a recycled artificial lawn that has itself been made out of recycled materials. There’s no better way to make your garden look better while reusing materials.

As you can see, a recycled artificial lawn is much more environmentally friendly than you may think. Look into buying one near you, and you can have an eco friendly yard without all the hassle.