There’s no doubt that artificial turf is a great asset for all sorts of landscapes, including a residential property.

The turf is durable, requires little in the way of care, and will last for a long time. Even so, the day will come when you will need to replace the older product with fresh artificial grass. Instead of assuming it will end up in the junkyard, take a look at how the old turf can be put to good use.

Let’s take a closer look.

Take the Turf to a Recycling Center

You may not know that the turf made today is different from the products offered decades ago. Today’s grass can be broken down and used to make a number of different products. Many brands of artificial turf are made using polypropylene. That’s the same synthetic material used to make upholstery fabrics.

A recycling company can break down and separate the materials used to make the turf. Once separated and processed, there’s plenty of raw materials to use for making new products. Along with reducing the production costs, the recycled material saves a lot of energy in comparison to creating new material for those same products.

Decorating a Man Cave

If you want to give a den or a basement that special touch, think about using some of the old turf in the space. There’s actually a couple of ways to use larger sections and make the man cave all the more comfortable.

One approach is to use the turf in place of carpeting. The color will work just fine, and keeping the floors looking nice will require nothing more than running a vacuum cleaner over the space. Even though the grass may not be fit for use on the lawn any longer, it’s still strong enough to use inside. As a bonus, you can add stripes to the turf, giving the floor more of a football field look.

You can also mount sections of the turf on a wall. Think of how nice it would be to use staples to secure a section that runs across an entire wall. Hang a dartboard or anything else you want on the material. If a buddy happens to miss the board, the dart will stick in the turf and not hurt a thing.

Adding Color and Style to a Patio

The soft texture of the used turf makes it great for the patio. Instead of throwing out those older seat and back cushions gracing the settee, why not recover them with the turf? The color is still vibrant enough to look great, and the material is soft to the touch.

You can also use sections of the turf to define areas on the patio. Cut a piece to fit under a table and you’ve got something soft to rest bare feet while playing cards or a board game.

There’s plenty of other ways to put that older turf to use. A professional can remove the old product and ensure that it serves purposes other than clogging a landfill. If you like, you can even keep some of the turf and do some repurposing of your own around the house. The latter approach allows you to get even more returns on your original investment in the turf and feel great about your contribution to the environment.