You know artificial grass saves water and money, considering it doesn’t require maintenance, but did you know it can actually enhance your yard in a really interesting way?

You may wonder how you can best enjoying your yard while minimizing the use of natural resources, especially if you live in an area of drought or where water is rationed.

Artificial turf offers an environmentally friendly solution. It lets you enjoy your outdoor space while conserving water at the same time.

Styled Artificial Grass Landscaping Ideas

Now that you know the many benefits of artificial turf, here are some ideas to help inspire your next home landscaping project.

  • Modern Rooftop Garden: Bring a summer park feel to a city roof by creating a rooftop garden using artificial grass. A rooftop garden is the perfect place to enjoy the spectacular skyline view of the city. Keep the design contemporary by placing casual seating on the rooftop along with controlled planting. This allows the gorgeous city view to take center stage.
  • Asian-Inspired Garden: There is something inherently soothing about minimally designed Asian-inspired gardens. Artificial turf is ideal for creating an oasis in your backyard. Use angled geometric patterns to create a minimalistic look. Use just a few shrubs and plenty of open pathways for a serene atmosphere. Keep the planting restrained and add minimalistic details, such as elevated planters, cool white retaining walls and stone walkways to finish the look.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has many benefits over real grass. It has come a long way in recent years and is no longer just for sports arenas and fields. In fact, from a distance, it can be hard to tell artificial grass from the real thing. Manufacturers have developed numerous ways of making fake turf feel and look more like real grass. Here are a few more benefits of artificial turf for residential landscaping:

  • It is easy to care for. Water, fertilizer, mowing and pest control is not required with artificial turf. The care and maintenance is quite easy. All that is required is the occasional use of a blower to remove debris.
  • Trees can be planted within artificial turf. Although you will need to create a tree ring with irrigation, trees will grow gorgeously surrounded by artificial grass. In comparison, trees can pose a risk to the health of living grass.

These are only a few of the many ideas that you can use to incorporate artificial turf into your landscaping. Artificial turf is low-maintenance and versatile. It can be used in a variety of ways to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

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