Choosing to install artificial grass was the smartest move you could have made. While the turf has been great for years, it will eventually need to be replaced. Here are some of the things that you need to know about artificial turf, including what happens with the grass once it is replaced.

How Long Will Artificial Turf Last?

As with many products, the amount of wear and tear determines how long the artificial grass will last. When used as the ground cover in a sports arena and maintained properly, it’s possible for the turf to last for somewhere between eight to ten years. In a residential setting, the grass could easily last twice that amount of time.

If your lawn is getting close to the twenty-year mark, it does make sense to have an expert take a look. Depending on the general condition, you could get a few more years of use. That provides time to look at different replacement options and identify the one that’s right for your yard.

What are Some Signs the Turf Needs Replacing?

While the coating will help to minimize fading, the shade of your grass will change over time. When the lawn is noticeably a lighter shade of green that it was in the past, it makes sense to have it removed and replaced with new product.

Texture is another way to tell if it’s time to replace the older turf. The grass offered today is much softer to the touch than the products of decades past. If you notice that it seems to be toughening or that it’s beginning to feel a little too soft, do get an opinion from an expert.

Are There Other Reasons to Replace the Turf?

Many homeowners only replace artificial grass when it is faded and worn.

Others choose to replace turf because they want to update the look of the grounds. Perhaps the style or color of the old grass doesn’t fit in with the new landscaping idea. If Kentucky Blue would work better than the current artificial grass, go for it.

What Happens to the Old Turf?

It depends on how worn the turf is.

In some cases, an entire football field of artificial turf will be removed despite having another eight years of life to offer. In this case, we always recycle artificial turf as a way to keep the price down for customers and keep waste out of landfills.

Along with all the water that the grass saves through the years, the fact that the grass will not end up in a landfill makes it a more environmentally friendly solution.

If the current turf is no longer as nice looking or practical as it was in the past, call a contractor and find out what it would take to replace it. Check out different options and see how they would work in the space. In many cases, it will be possible to remove the old turf, replace the in fill, and have the new turf in place in a day or two.

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