Artificial grass is suitable for indoor sport activities at public, commercial or residential properties.

Providing a place for athletes to practice and play their game no matter the time of day or weather conditions can position your sports facility as a dependable destination for athletes. With a wide variety of artificial turf available, sports facility managers are able to keep their business running no matter the weather conditions or time of day.

Take a look at this quick list for some of the most common sports facilities using artificial grass today.


People are becoming more focused on their health fitness every year, so it isn’t surprising to see athletics clubs and gyms popping up everywhere.

One way some fitness centers are differentiating themselves from others in their area is by diversifying the equipment and facilities available. Dedicating an area of your gym to CrossFit or MMA can be a great way to provide your visitors with new activities to explore.

That’s where artificial turf comes in.

Artificial turf provides a softer surface for your visitors and diversifies the surface of your fitness center to accommodate different activities, like CrossFit.


Indoor soccer fields integrate artificial turf as a way to provide soccer players with a uniform playing surface capable of handling intense impact.

Artificial turf is often installed for outdoor soccer fields as well, as it provides field managers an easy way to maintain the condition of the field so it’s ready for play at any given time. This trend has only increased over the years, as natural grass becomes more and more difficult to maintain.

Installing an indoor soccer field at your athletics facility will give your visitors a place to play the most popular sport in the world. Using artificial turf keeps it uniform, beautiful, and ready to play without the intense maintenance of natural turf.

Miniature Golf

Everyone loves miniature golf!

Indoor miniature golf courses provides an enclosed environment where people can enjoy the game no matter how hot, cold, or rainy it may be outside. For business owners, this means the doors stay open all day long.

While outdoor miniature golf courses might provide extensive courses involving large obstacles, indoor courses provide the type of recreation people look for when living in areas often impacted by harsh weather. The artificial turf used indoors often outlasts the artificial turf used for outdoors, as it isn’t subjected to rain, ice, or snow.


Artificial grass provides an excellent solution for indoor sports facility owners and managers, as it’s low maintenance and more comfortable for visitors. It also provides the option to expand your facility with new activities, which can help improve business and attract new visitors.

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