Thinking about installing baseball batting cage turf?

Sports turf has become one of the most dependable playing surfaces for a wide range of sports, including everything from soccer, football, and baseball. Many people who enjoy baseball or softball love to see vibrant green grass under their feet as they practice their swing in a batting cage.

Beyond the traditional and nostalgic look of grass, this type of surface gives amateur and professional players a similar physical experience to practicing on an open ball field.

Reasons Baseball Batting Cage Turf Is Better

Although natural grass is a wonderful ground material for playing sports, more batting cage and sports facility owners are choosing artificial grass for their properties. Typically, their reasons relate to the care and maintenance of natural grass:

Owners must cut natural grass regularly to prevent overgrowth and weed growth

An owner might need to pay to have a cage re-positioned to mow the grass every time. This action results in unnecessary lost time and money. Artificial grass never needs to be cut, and a batting cage can stay in place throughout the year.

Grass Requires Water

A batting cage or sports facility owner must use a lot of water to prevent natural grass from turning brown and dying in patches.

Artificial grass, whether new or used, never requires watering to retain its vibrant green color. With less water use, owners are able to save money on their utility and grass maintenance bills.

Too Much Water Ruins Grass

An outdoor batting cage must have a solid roof and side walls instead of mesh to prevent a soaked and muddy practice area after storms.

Even with precautions in place, water can seep up from the ground making the area unusable until it dries out or the owner moves the cage.

Artificial grass is a synthetic product that doesn’t absorb water. If a player tracks mud onto it, the player would only need to briefly rinse off the surface before use.

Mowing and Other Maintenance

It may not seem like a big job, but you’ll have to mow and maintain natural grass in the batting cage if you chose to go that route.

This takes up time and costs money you could be saving for other aspects of your batting cages or baseball program.

Sports turf doesn’t require this type of maintenance, yet it’s always in good shape for practice.


Lastly, natural grass dies off easily with regular use resulting in ripped up areas and bald spots inside a cage.

Owners must then pay someone to pull the damaged grass and re-seed the surface. Artificial grass is durable enough to handle both hard play and a lot of foot traffic.


Sports facilities around the world have adopted artificial sports turf as the most viable solution, because of the low maintenance nature of the surface material.

When you don’t have to worry about water, maintenance, or paying people to maintain your batting cages, you can focus elsewhere in your business or sports organization.

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