There are several benefits to installing artificial grass.

Foremost, you get a lawn that looks real but requires none of the maintenance that real grass does. You do not have to cut it, weed it, trim its edges, water it, fertilize it or worry about bugs and grubs infesting it. In some regions you may even be eligible for a rebate for installing landscaping that requires no water usage. Synthetic turf provides a nice green lawn year round, but is it something you want to install yourself? This article will briefly describe the steps and labor to help you decide if you want to do a DIY artificial lawn or hire professionals to get the job done.

Removing Old Grass

This is a labor-intensive task even if you are using a sod cutter. It can be back-breaking work if you are attempting to even do a small lawn area with spades. Sod cutters can easily cut to the required two inch depth, but you still need to lift the rolled sod into a truck to have it hauled away. Two inch thick sod mats that are each several feet long can be very heavy.

Laying the Gravel Base

Packed gravel is an excellent base for synthetic turf grasses. If you are using bagged gravel, each bag can weigh more than 50 pounds, and you may need more than a ton. Delivered gravel still needs to be evenly spread and compacted using a gas-powered compacting tool. Gravel is heavy, and this phase requires a lot of shoveling, raking and leveling.

Laying the Synthetic Turf

Rolls of artificial grass are not light. If you have ever lifted a roll of carpeting meant to be installed in a room, it would be similar. Now, imagine working to install carpeting in the sun and possibly wind. The turf needs to be spread out with any seamed areas taped and glued. Bags of sand should be place on top of seams until they have cured. The sand can be the infill material used in the final step. Edges need to be perfectly cut at their borders, and the holding spikes placed appropriately. Infill sand must be spread over the surface and brushed in after stretching and attaching the turf.

If you are learning how to install artificial grass for the first time, you should attempt a small area first. You may enjoy the work and challenge and be up for a bigger project after doing a small side yard or other area. However, you may decide that hiring professionals to install artificial grass frees you up for other projects you are more willing to pursue. Either way, you will end up with a beautiful and long-lasting synthetic lawn to enjoy for years to come.

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