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One of the most important things pet owners can do is offer their furry family members a safe and comfortable environment. Installing pet-friendly artificial grass creates the perfect outdoor space.

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What Is Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic grass is a pet-friendly, non-toxic, and low-maintenance artificial turf that looks and feels like natural grass. It’s made up of synthetic fibers designed to resemble grass blades but doesn’t require watering or mowing. This makes artificial grass ideal for pet owners who don’t have the time or energy to maintain natural lawns but still want their pets to enjoy their yard.

Pets Everywhere Love Artificial Grass

When you install artificial pet turf, your furry friends will love spending time outdoors. Not only does artificial grass feel soft and comfortable under their paws, but it also withstands rough play and daily wear and tear.

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Artificial Grass Changes a Pet Owner’s Life

Installing pet turf is a game changer. It’s safe, low-maintenance, and won’t brown or die. Here’s how artificial grass can improve your lifestyle.

Less Maintenance

Most pet owners spend hours mowing, watering, and fertilizing to keep natural grass green and healthy. Even with consistent care, unsightly patches of dead grass and weeds can still appear. With synthetic grass, you won’t have to worry about lawn care anymore. Your pet-friendly grass will always be lush and beautiful.


Whether your pet loves to dig, run, or roll around in the dirt, they’re bound to bring some of the lawn in with them. It’s a pain for pet owners to constantly clean up dirt, mud, and grass stains in the home. Pet turf eliminates concerns of muddy paws and stains. There’s no more dirt to worry about, and synthetic fibers from artificial grass won’t stick to your pet’s fur.

Fewer Pests

Ticks, fleas, and other pests present a constant hazard for pets playing in the grass. These parasites bring severe discomfort and disease to your pet and your family when they cling to your pet’s coat. Fortunately, pests can’t survive long-term in artificial grass, because turf cuts off food sources in the soil. Pet turf lowers the risk of pests bothering your furry friend and family.

Common Misconceptions About Turf for Pets

Artificial grass is a great option for homeowners, but pet turf products are a mystery to many. There are still many myths surrounding synthetic grass. Here’s the truth about the most common misconceptions.

Artificial grass is uncomfortable for my pet’s feet.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Synthetic grass has a soft texture that provides cushioning, comfort, and support while keeping paws cool on hot days.

Dogs can’t potty on synthetic pet turf. 

When it comes to pottying, the reality is that artificial grass is no different than natural grass. Pet turf is built with drainage holes in the backing, so pet waste passes right through. All you need to do is scoop and throw out solid waste, just as you would at dog parks.

Artificial grass is unsafe for pets. 

On the contrary, artificial grass is perfectly safe and pet-friendly. In fact, since synthetic pet turf doesn’t require fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic lawn chemicals, it may even be safer for your furry family member.

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Can Pets Go to the Bathroom on Turf?

Yes! Pet-friendly synthetic turf is designed specifically with potty breaks in mind. They’re built with high-efficiency drainage backing containing special drainage holes to prevent urine from puddling on top.

Pet owners can also add infills or choose artificial grass products infused with deodorizing agents. This helps eliminate unpleasant odors from pet waste. As long as you clean up after your pup promptly (more on this below), there’s no reason why they shouldn’t use artificial turf when doing their business!

How Do You Clean Artificial Grass After a Pet Potty Break?

Cleaning up after your pup’s potty break is easy with artificial turf. After they do their business, simply remove any solid waste and hose down the surface.

Artificial grass products like ZeoFill improve living conditions for you and your pet through anti microbial technology. This infill locks and traps odors produced by dog urine to create a more comfortable living environment.

When it comes to solid waste, treat artificial grass the same way as natural grass. Simply scoop, dispose of the mess, and let the rain wash away the rest. You can hose your pet turf down if you live in an area without much rainfall.

All you need to do is give your artificial lawn a comb with a stiff brush every few weeks to keep it from going flat and hose off any dirt or pet waste build-up. This should only take a few minutes. When it comes to deep cleaning, synthetic turf usually only requires water, but there are also deodorizers and enzymatic cleaners for tough messes.

About Artificial Grass Recyclers

Artificial Grass Recyclers brings top-quality new and used turf to customers at affordable rates. Our pet-friendly artificial grass products are durable and long-lasting, so they can stand up to even the rowdiest pups. Your lawn will look great year-round with minimal maintenance, which gives you more time to spend with your pet.

Our pet turf options are built with your furry family member’s comfort in mind. They drain quickly and efficiently, so pet waste disappears in a snap. Recycled artificial grass is also easy to clean and looks glossy and fresh with a quick hose-down.

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