Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Children deserve fun spaces to play, and safety shouldn’t be an afterthought. Playground surfacing needs to be carefully planned out. Since kids love to jump and run on playground equipment, they need a comfortable and supportive surface to catch them in case they trip or fall. Traditional playground flooring like woodchips, asphalt, and concrete can lead to injuries.

What you need for your playground surface is artificial grass. Synthetic playground turf is a safe, comfortable, durable, and long-lasting product that will take outdoor play to the next level. Read on to learn more about the benefits of artificial grass for playgrounds from Artificial Grass Recyclers.

Indoor Sports: Here's Why Artificial Turf Makes Sense

Why Artificial Grass Is the Perfect Choice for Playgrounds

Synthetic grass is the perfect solution for playgrounds. It’s soft and cushioned yet durable, able to withstand daily wear and tear, and sure to last for years. Better yet, a synthetic turf playground requires minimal maintenance. That means less time taking care of the equipment and more time for outdoor fun!

Between work, chores, child care, and other responsibilities, you probably don’t have much time for yard work. By installing artificial grass, you can save time and money by eliminating the need for weeding, seeding, and mowing.

When it comes to playgrounds, safety is always the number one priority. But that doesn’t mean they can’t look good too! Natural grass dies with too much foot traffic, and asphalt and concrete can crack, crumble, and stain. Artificial grass provides a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing surface for kids that won’t degrade over time. Kids are able to be as active as they want without parents worrying about patchy grass or ruined pavement.

The Difference That Artificial Grass Makes for Kids’ Outdoor Adventures

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for playgrounds because it offers a soft, supportive surface for children to play on without getting dirty or injured. Playground turf holds up well against heavy use, so it can handle all sorts of outdoor activities like running, jumping, and playing tag without wearing down over time. 

Sometimes playtime can grind to a halt when someone gets hurt falling on woodchips or pavement. With a comfortable and supportive playground surface, you can prevent painful scrapes and injuries and keep the fun going!

Storms usually mean outdoor play is off-limits, even after the rain stops. Live grass and soil can take days to dry, and parents don’t want their children tracking mud and grass stains inside. 

However, kids can get right back to their outdoor adventures with playground turf. Synthetic grass isn’t planted in dirt, so it won’t get muddy and won’t leave behind stains. It has a proper drainage system, so water flows through quickly, allowing the surface to dry faster.

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds - Artificial Grass Recyclers

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Playgrounds and Parks

Playground Turf Lasts a Long Time

Artificial turf is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. Unlike other playground flooring materials, such as wood chips or rubber mats, synthetic turf won’t break down over time due to harsh weather or heavy daily use. This means you won’t have to worry about replacing your playground surface every few years. The end result is less hassle and more money in your pocket.

Artificial Grass Prevents Playground Injuries

Another advantage of artificial playground grass is that it helps prevent injuries. Kids can play rough, but you don’t want them getting hurt falling onto hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete.

The cushioned design of synthetic turf absorbs shock better than other playground materials, reducing the risk of injuries. And unlike wooden chips or rubber mats, artificial turf stays dry and grippy even in wet conditions – making it much safer overall!

Turf Is Easy to Maintain Compared to Other Playground Surfaces

Maintenance requirements are another critical factor when choosing a material for your playground surface – especially if you’re looking for something low-maintenance that looks good year-round. You only need to give artificial turf a quick, occasional brush. Although synthetic grass is far more weed-resistant than natural grass, a few stubborn sprouts might grow around the edges. You may need to apply some weed killer periodically.

Overall, playground turf is very low-effort compared to surfaces like sand and wood chips. These flooring materials require regular raking and, eventually, replacement. Additionally, there’s no need to water or mow artificial turf like natural grass. Schools, public parks, and commercial playgrounds can cut costs by eliminating these tasks.

Artificial Grass Is Cleaner than Muddy Grass and Smelly Rubber

Natural grass, mulch, and sand tend to get muddy after rain or snow, leaving behind an unsightly mess that takes forever to dry. Playground turf prevents muddy shoes and dirty clothes by creating a clean surface for kids.  Rubber playground surfaces often give off a strong chemical odor. Even if it doesn’t leave your child’s clothes covered in dirt, it will leave them smelling unpleasant. Artificial grass offers a clean, odor-free playing surface.

Artificial Grass Is Beautiful to Look At

Synthetic turf not only provides a safe place for children to play, but it also gives your yard a healthy and beautiful appearance. Its lush green color makes play areas more inviting, whether it’s on swing sets and slides or a simple artificial lawn. Best of all, it stays green year-round, regardless of weather conditions. That means less work to keep your outdoor space looking vibrant at all times.

Artificial Grass Is Less Appealing to Pests

If you have pets, chances are they love spending time outdoors just as much as your children. Unfortunately, real grass is a breeding ground for ticks, mosquitoes, and other parasites. The good news is that, with turf, you can worry less. Insects and bugs don’t thrive in artificial grass, so they tend to move elsewhere!

7 Big Reasons to Install Turf for Playgrounds

Families Love Turf From Artificial Grass Recyclers

When searching for reliable synthetic turf products, families and businesses consistently turn to Artificial Grass Recyclers. We are the leading U.S. supplier for high-quality new and recycled turf. 

Our selection includes everything you need to create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces, including heavy-duty slit-filament artificial grass, which is ideal for active and outdoorsy families. We offer free samples of new turf so you can test it out yourself – plus free door-to-door shipping.

Types of Playground Turf From Artificial Grass Recyclers

At AGR, we offer various turf products to suit your needs. Whether you aim to create a custom putting green, backyard playground, or a full soccer field, we carry a wide range of new and recycled products to fit budgets of any size. Here are the top choices for artificial playground grass:


EvoScape is a lightweight yet highly durable line of products from our selection of new artificial grass products. The unique blade shape and low pile height make it well-suited for pet and playground turf.

So Natural Line

With three different blade shapes, the So Natural line promotes a natural look at a budget-friendly price.

Sports Line

Our premium sports turf leads the market with superior aesthetics and performance. This synthetic turf has both monofilament and slit-filament grass for a lush look, improved strength, and reduced maintenance.

Contact us to learn more about our products.

Partner with AGR for your Playground Turf

Artificial Grass Recyclers is your #1 source for new and used turf. We offer a variety of products for residential and commercial projects. We’ve recycled over 7 million square feet of artificial turf and have more than 10 million in stock now, so you can get started right away!

Our recycled turf mostly comes from local sports centers, so we pick the highest quality pieces and pass the savings on to you. You will be confident knowing sports turf stands up to heavy foot traffic, playground activities, and energetic pets.

No matter what your project, we have the best artificial grass for you! Give us a call at (855) 409-4247 to get started.

Installing Artificial Turf for Playgrounds - Artificial Grass Recyclers


Is artificial grass good for playgrounds?

Yes, artificial playground grass is a soft, safe, and comfortable choice for children. It absorbs impact better than traditional materials like natural grass, wood chips, mulch, and sand. Synthetic turf is also easier to clean and maintain.

What do you put under artificial turf for a playground?

Before you install an artificial turf surface, you should put down a base. Woven geotextile fabric is a popular underlayer. This base prevents soil compaction, provides a solid surface for turf, and prevents weed and grass seed growth.

What is the life expectancy of artificial grass?

With regular maintenance, you can expect your playground turf to last about 20 years. Longevity is one of the greatest benefits of synthetic turf.

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