Artificial grass has been popping up in surprising locations lately as more people begin to realize the benefits of using this drought-resistant surfacing to beautify their landscape. Yet, lawns are not the only place that synthetic turf can be used. In addition to creating a lush, green landscape, you can extend the benefits of using artificial grass by exploring these additional purposes that go far beyond simple aesthetics.

Create a Safe Playing Space for Children’s Playgrounds
Setting up a child’s playground should always include an emphasis on safety, and artificial grass provides slight cushioning that helps reduce the risk of injuries. It is also easier to keep artificial grass free of debris such as rocks that can lead to scraped knees and other injuries. In addition to increasing safety, choosing synthetic blades over natural grass will ensure that playground areas can stand up to long hours of heavy play. Natural grass tends to get destroyed by kids as they run, dig and stomp through the delicate blades.

Reduce Maintenance on Outdoor Sports Areas
For outdoor sporting events, it is essential to have a smooth, level playing field that is free of hazards such as divots that can increase injuries and reduce a player’s efficiency. Providing a consistent playing field is simple with artificial grass, and you can also reduce the time and money you spend on maintenance since it will not require mowing and leveling before every game. Since the grass always stays green, fertilizing and seeding is also no longer a concern. This means you and your team can stop worrying about the field and focus more on preparing for the big game.

Deck Out Your Man Cave
Man caves are a haven where you can enjoy watching the game with your friends without worrying about making too much noise or leaving crumbs on the floor. Turn your man cave into an authentic experience by using artificial grass as part of the décor. On the floor, it beats carpet since all it takes is a quick spray from the hose to remove those chips crumbs or spilled drinks. You can also put it on bar and tabletops for a low-maintenance surface that’ll make everyone feel like they are at their favorite sports arena.

Increase Safety on Pool Surrounds
Backyard swimming areas and public pools are popular gathering spots for young and old alike. For this reason, it is important to make sure that they areas around the pool are not slippery when they get wet. In the past, concrete has been used, but it tends to be rough on people’s feet and hurts if someone takes a spill. Natural grass draws too much dirt and creates a muddy mess when it gets wet, and tile is just too slippery no matter what material is used in its manufacturing. Artificial grass, however, is just right. The synthetic materials used to make it are water-resistant and comfortable on bare feet. It also gives the beautiful appearance of a natural pool surround while eliminating the issues posed by other types of surfacing.

Recreate an Outdoor Atmosphere on Indoor Playing Fields
More sports are being played in indoor arenas today since taking the game inside reduces weather delays and keeps players within a comfortable temperature range. However, it is important to strive to recreate the same feeling inside the arena that players would enjoy outside. Artificial grass for indoor sports makes it feel as though players are outdoors while still offering the same advantages for play such as slip-resistant blades and easy transitions from one type of sport to another. It also stands up to the wear and tear caused by constant traffic better than other options such as rubber floors.

Give Your Dog a Resilient Play Yard
Keeping your puppy happy requires a large enough space that they can play comfortably. Yet, natural grass tends to be destroyed by digging, and your dog’s urine can create yellow spots that require professional lawn care services to correct. Synthetic grass is simply more resilient to a dog’s lifestyle, and you can eliminate digging behaviors by installing it in your dog’s run since they cannot dig through the plastic blades and under layer. You can also bring the outside feeling inside by using it in your indoor doggie play area where you can clean up messes easier than you could on carpet.

Camouflage Unsightly Areas of Your Property
The lawn is not the only place where people use artificial grass in their landscaping. You can also place artificial grass on any area of your property that you would like to blend in with the natural landscape. For example, many people use artificial grass to cover dumpster bins and trash receptacles. Exterior walls and fences, concrete pads and outdoors appliances can all be successfully camouflaged by simply applying artificial grass to the area you want to conceal.

Protect Your Truck Bed and Equipment
Truck bed linings can work wonders for protecting the metal part of your truck bed from dents and scrapes. However, rubberized linings are still fairly harsh on your equipment. With artificial grass, you can create a slight amount of cushioning that will protect your work equipment. It can also be easily removed for cleaning and replacement as needed.

Enhance Public Gyms
Heading to the gym for a workout after work has become a normal routine for many people, and all that traffic eventually wears down gym floors. For this reason, synthetic grass has become a go-to surface material that is easy to clean and offers skid-resistance that increases gym safety. Gym members also enjoy having a pop of color that mimics working out in a natural outdoors environment.

The possibilities for using artificial grass at your home or business are endless, and every use offers significant benefits over other types of surface materials. By knowing how to use artificial grass to enhance your property, you can stop dealing with the hassle of trying to maintain natural grass and step onto a soft, realistic surface that always looks top notch.