Crossfit Artificial Turf

As more and more people become interested in CrossFit, gyms are popping up all over the country. With that comes the need for a durable flooring option that can withstand the rigorous demands of high-intensity workouts. Gym turf is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for commercial and private gyms alike.

Indoor Sports: Here's Why Artificial Turf Makes Sense

CrossFit Demands Durable Flooring

CrossFit requires gym flooring that can handle a lot of wear and tear. Because it focuses on repetitive and often high-impact movements, poor flooring will take a serious beating. Inadequate flooring materials can lead to significant damage to equipment and the floor itself, which could cost a lot of money in repairs or replacements. But with artificial turf you don’t have to worry about any of that! Turf floors offer athletes the cushion they need to run full intensity workouts and not have to worry about hurting themselves or your gym.

Why Turf is Perfect For Crossfit Gyms

Turf is one of the best options for gym owners looking for extremely durable flooring solutions. It provides protection from slips and falls while also providing cushioning against impact from heavy weights, barbells, and other equipment used during workouts. Even better, cushioned padding underneath provides impact protection for joints, protecting athletes from serious injuries. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain since it doesn’t absorb sweat or dirt like other floors. This makes turf ideal for gyms and indoor sports facilities that value hygiene, safety, and longevity.

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Long-term Benefits Of Indoor Turf Gyms

In addition to its durability, indoor turf has several additional long-term benefits.

Less Noise

Turf reduces noise in your gym better by absorbing the impact of high intensity training. No more loud thuds or annoying clattering. Your clients can focus on their workouts without being distracted by loud noises.

Safety First

One of the biggest reasons artificial gym turf is popular in gyms is that it helps reduce joint injuries. The springy, layered construction of artificial turf helps athletes avoid joint injuries that are more common with high-intensity Crossfit style exercises. It also offers a non-slip surface that can cut down on slips and falls – a crucial quality for fitness enthusiasts who want to avoid joint injury.


Artificial grass can last years, even decades with proper maintenance and care!

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How Recycled Artificial Turf Outlasts Other Gym Floors

Recycled artificial gym turf from AGR is durable and built to handle abuse from constant training. Its no slip surface can take a beating from repeated running, jumping, or any other physical activity while offering comfortable cushion and support to protect joints.

You can drop plates and dumbbells without worrying about damage to the surface, unlike concrete, which cracks under the constant stress, rubber that stains and smells over time, and carpet that develops holes and tears with constant traffic and abuse. Turf stands the test of time and durability against other flooring types!

Why Buy From Artificial Grass Recyclers:

Artificial Grass Recyclers provides homes and businesses nationwide with high-quality, economic recycled turf products. The synthetic turf products we offer are available for 50-75% of the cost of new synthetic grass products. By lowering the cost of quality turf, we make artificial turf accessible for all types of projects.

By saving synthetic turf from heading to a landfill, you help cut down on the energy cost of new manufacturing processes by buying repurposed turf. Recycled turf allows you to access the highest quality artificial grass products, even on a limited budget. We repurpose synthetic turf from state-of-the-art facilities without heavy wear, so you get incredible quality for less.

Reach out today and learn why Artificial Grass Recyclers is an ideal choice for commercial and private artificial turf needs!


What kind of turf do gyms use?

There are multiple types of artificial turf used in commercial and private gyms. Slit-film, monofilament fiber, and dual fiber are some of the best turf flooring options. These popular materials have different textures but are uniformly durable and easy to maintain.

Why do gyms have fake grass?

Gyms often use artificial turf due to its superior non-slip texture and low-impact material. These features allow athletes and fitness enthusiasts to perform high-intensity functional movements safely, with less risk of injury.

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