Synthetic Turf for Indoors

From competitive athletes to regular gym goers, many people prefer artificial turf for their workout needs. Unlike traditional concrete or hardwood flooring, synthetic turf floors offer improved traction, impact absorption, and other benefits anyone will enjoy. Indoor fields that use synthetic turf instead of natural grass provide a low-maintenance, high-traction surface. Beyond its beautiful and modern natural look, artificial turf flooring offers indoor athletes the best possible foundation for meeting their exercise goals.

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What is Synthetic Indoor Turf?

Synthetic indoor turf is a type of artificial grass used in indoor facilities, such as gyms, sports fields, and other recreational areas. It has durable synthetic fibers designed to look and feel like natural grass. This kind of turf has become increasingly popular due to its ability to provide a realistic playing surface without the hassles of other flooring!

Artificial Grass for Indoor Fields and Courts

Indoor facilities can benefit significantly from the use of artificial turf. Synthetic turf provides an even playing surface that is resistant to weathering and wear and tear from players’ activities on the field or court. The lack of divots caused by cleats also helps keep the surface level so players can move freely without fear of tripping on uneven patches of ground. Additionally, indoor synthetic turf typically comes with padding underneath it, which helps reduce injuries due to falls or collisions during gametime.

Artificial Grass Indoors
Indoor Sports: Here's Why Artificial Turf Makes Sense

Artificial Grass for Gyms

Installing artificial grass in your gym can add an extra layer of comfort and safety while working out, as well as provide better looking flooring when compared to traditional rubber mats or carpeted floors. Synthetic turf is also slip resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sliding or falling during intense workouts like burpees or jumping jacks! The low-impact material keeps athletes safe from injuries to joints and tendons. Additionally, since synthetic turf does not absorb moisture like carpets do, it helps keep the area cleaner and reduces the risk of spreading germs throughout your gym space.

Artificial Grass for Man Caves

Man caves are all about personalization – why not spice up your man cave design with some stylish artificial grass? Not only will it give your man cave an awesome look, but it will also provide you with a soft place to relax after a long day at work! Bring the look of your favorite stadium home with you by decorating with synthetic grass. This realistic and fun flooring option will make you feel like you’re really on the field when you’re watching your team score.

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How To Maintain Recycled Turf Indoors

Maintaining recycled indoor synthetic turf doesn’t require much effort, but there are still some steps you should take in order to ensure its longevity. We recommend spot-cleaning any spills immediately using mild detergent to avoid stains. You will also want to sweep off debris such as chip crumbs or dog hair regularly like you would any other floor.

Overall, the low-maintenance nature of artificial grass makes it a breeze to keep looking great.

Indoor Sports: Here's Why Artificial Turf Makes Sense

Used Turf From Artificial Grass Recyclers

Artificial Grass Recyclers (AGR) has quality synthetic indoor turf at affordable prices! . AGR specializes in repurposed artificial turf, which we sell for a fraction of the cost of new turf. 

We also have new turf!

Are you interested in using high-quality recycled artificial turf for your next project? Give AGR a call today and let our experienced team make the process easy.


What is indoor turf made of?

Synthetic indoor turf is a type of artificial grass used in indoor settings, such as gyms, sports fields, and other recreational areas. It has durable synthetic fibers designed to look and feel like real grass.

What kind of turf is used for indoor soccer?

There are multiple types of high-performance turf used for indoor soccer fields. AGRs experienced team is on hand to help you choose the best material for your new field.

Can you use artificial grass indoors?

There are indoor turf options specifically suited for inside applications. In fact, there are many benefits to indoor turf that make it superior to traditional field or fitness center floor materials. Low maintenance, low impact, and low-cost options make recycled artificial turf an excellent choice for indoor athletic spaces.

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