Artificial Grass for Pools

Enjoy your pool day to the fullest with the help of Artificial Grass Recyclers! You can easily transform your pool deck into a leafy green paradise with artificial grass for pool decks. We offer high-quality new and used artificial grass at unbeatable prices.

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Why More People Are Looking At Artificial Grass for Pools

Learn how you can make the most out of your pool area with artificial grass.

Live grass around pools leads to bugs, mud, and constant maintenance. By switching to artificial grass, you can avoid these struggles and spend more time actually enjoying your pool. Spend your weekends soaking up the warm sun and feeling the cool water on your skin, instead of mowing the grass or getting bug bites left and right.

Our Turf Options

At Artificial Grass Recyclers, we have experience with all things artificial grass. Some of the many affordable artificial grass options we offer include:

  • Artificial Grass Lawns
  • Specialty Turf Projects
  • Custom Turf Logo Mats
  • Artificial Grass Accessories
  • And More!

When it comes to the area around your pool, we have a variety to fit your needs:

Revitalize Your Patio or Deck With Artificial Grass
Artificial Turf Baseball Infield

About Artificial Grass Recyclers

Artificial Grass Recyclers is the number one used turf supplier in the country. We’ve recycled over 7 million square feet of used turf and have over 10 million square feet of inventory on hand!

Our product is long lasting and highly functional. It’s recycled sports turf, designed to withstand the sharpest cleats and toughest tackled. So it should have no problem standing up to heavy foot traffic, harsh weather, pet waste, and whatever else you can throw at it!

AGR also sells new turf! If you’re interested in increasing curb appeal with a lush lawn, we have the right turf for you. Our signature line of new turf products are constructed using industry leading technology, and are guaranteed to make your yard the talk of the town.

Whatever your project, we have the right artificial grass for you!

The Benefits Of Artificial Grass For A Pool Area

Artificial grass maintains its vibrant color year-round, regardless of where you live, keeping your outdoor space green and lush — even if the weather in your area tries to say otherwise.

If you have ever slipped and fallen by the pool, you know how painful it can be. Artificial grass offers better slip resistance than traditional lawns, keeping you and your guests safe and comfortable.

Are you tired of dealing with pests and insects? Artificial grass can help. Artificial grass is less habitable for pests, and does not require pesticide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is artificial grass safe to put around a pool?
Yes, artificial grass is safe to put around your pool. An artificial option is actually safer than some alternatives like wood decking, for example. This synthetic grass is durable, rigid, and slip-resistant.
Can pool water damage artificial grass?
It is highly unlikely that standard pool water will damage artificial grass. Artificial grass is a durable product that can withstand the types of chemicals traditionally used in pools.
Do mosquitoes live in artificial grass?
No, mosquitoes do not live in artificial grass. Because this grass is not live, it lacks the necessary resources for mosquitoes to comfortably live and reproduce. While the occasional bug can still fly by and be noticed, you can take comfort in knowing that they are in no way making a home in your artificial grass.

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