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In effort to bring you more affordable artificial grass products while keeping waste out of landfills, we created an innovative recycling process. Today, we’re responsible for recycling over 17 million square feet of artificial grass, and we’re just getting started.

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While beautiful beaches and Disney World tend to come to mind when thinking of Florida, you may be surprised to hear artificial grass in Valrico, Florida is quickly becoming a popular landscaping solution.

Not too many are familiar with a place called Valrico, Florida. This city is located about 30 minutes inland from Tampa, Florida. With less than 50,000 residents and rising incomes, this is an up and coming city. Most residents are young families looking for a slower lifestyle and small town feel, which is quite the opposite of those cities along located along the crowded coast.

Valrico has, on average, 244 days of sunshine and about 53 inches of rain each year!

With Florida’s land already being fairly saturated, it is easy to see how this quiet area could be prone to flooding. Because the city is aware of the amount of rainfall it receives, it is prepared with ditches and various drainage methods. However, sometimes the rain comes down too much too fast and other times debris blocks up the drains, halting the flow of water, thus resulting in flooded areas.

Sure, the flooding Valrico receives isn’t necessarily the type that leads to rushing water and destroyed homes, but it can flood streets and cars and, at an extreme, it can lead to the formation of sinkholes.

Sinkholes are a phenomenon that occurs when acidic groundwater breaks down underground carbonate rock and limestone. This results in a break in the foundation, causing the earth to collapse, creating a sinkhole. The Southwest Florida Water Management District says that sinkholes are common in Florida, particularly in this area.

How can we guard against being the victim of a sinkhole? One way is to make sure you keep an eye on your home. Warning signs of sinkholes are: damage around the foundation (including walls and floors), doors and windows do not close easily or correctly, slumping trees, newly formed ponds or puddles of water. If you notice any of these signs, alert your insurance company and have your home inspected immediately.

Artificial Grass and Your Landscaping

Another way to prepare would be to make sure your home and surrounding areas have proper drainage. Since rainwater is slightly acidic and acidic groundwater is what leads to the eventual erosion of the rock under your foundation, you will want to deter that water from your property. Many lawns do not have a true means for drainage, allowing rainwater to seep through to the underlying rock. An easy solution to update the drainage of your property is to install recycled artificial grass. This synthetic turf looks 100% real and feels real, too. Installed by professionals on a slight slope, water can drain from your property quickly and effortlessly. This reduces the amount of water seeping below, threatening the foundation of your home.

“I have always been a DIY type of guy, so doing it by myself was the only way to go. Jake walked me through the step by step process and gave me the best overall advice … Now my yard looks absolutely amazing and I never have to worry about mowing again!” – Tyler

Artificial Grass In Valrico, Florida

Though it may be the greatest benefit, drainage isn’t the only advantage!  Artificial grass offers a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • Reduces lawn maintenance burden. You will no longer need to water, mow, edge, fertilize or provide special care for your lawn.
  • Despite the great amount of rainfall received in Valrico, you will have no muddy mess to deal with. Your floors and carpets will be mud and dirt free!
  • Your lawn will look green and beautiful every day of the year without having to work hard for it! You will be the talk of the neighborhood!
  • You will conserve water by not having to maintain your lawn.
  • You will have more time to focus on other recycling activities. Since Valrico has so much rainfall, you could begin using rain barrels and other various methods for collecting the rain water and re-using it! Recycling and reducing your carbon footprint is always a good thing!

Installing artificial grass at your Valrico home will add to the peaceful lifestyle you were looking for. Contact us today and see how affordable this positive change can be!

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