Artificial Grass for Your Patio or Deck

Everyone needs a place to unwind, but not everyone has the luxury of their own backyard. For some Americans, the only outdoor space they have might be their patio or deck. And while these environments can be a great place to kick back, they often leave a lot to be desired. 

Despite great furniture, beautiful plants, and other outdoor decoration, patios and decks can’t compare to the experience of a thick, grassy yard. Artificial grass can turn your yard into a welcoming green space for your friends and family to enjoy. 

But what if there was a way you could add beauty and personality to your patio or deck with virtually no maintenance? You can with artificial grass for deck and patio areas from Artificial Grass Recyclers!

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Installing Artificial Grass On Your Deck
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Our Turf

Do you need quality turf for your patio or deck but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Artificial Grass Recyclers has you covered! Recycled turf products from AGR are easy on the eyes and the wallet. We provide our customers with quality used artificial turf at 50-75% less than new and offer customizable financing options.

When you choose used turf for your deck or patio, you’ll get all the benefits of new turf at an affordable price. And you’ll help the environment by keeping used artificial grass out of landfills.

If you’re looking for new turf, our Eco products are a great option that look and feel remarkably like natural grass. Tough but beautiful, Eco turf can stand up to a wide range of applications while maintaining an authentic grassy appearance.

If you have pets or an uneven yard to cover, our Flow line offers optimal drainage and durability, and is perfect for pets and areas with heavy rainfall. Flow products drain up to eight times faster than similar products and come in a variety of pile heights, blade structures, and colors.

Fake Grass for Patio

Artificial turf is more than fake grass. Not only does artificial grass make your patio look inviting and comfortable, it can eliminate the difficulties associated with masonry and hardscaping. No more scorching your bare feet on hot pavement! With fake grass on your patio, you can feel the cool grass between your toes without ever having to stress about tracking dirt and debris indoors. 

No more staining or slipping hazards. Rainwater, spilled drinks, and pet urine are no problem with superior drainage provided by artificial grass from AGR.

Whether you’re hosting friends and family or relaxing by yourself, artificial grass is sure to add a new dimension of style to your patio.

Revitalize Your Patio or Deck With Artificial Grass
Installing Artificial Grass On Your Deck

Fake Grass for Deck

Artificial turf can be installed on decks of any size and shape. It’s easy to fit your turf around deck posts, planters, or any other obstructions during installation. With just a few measurements and some strategic cuts, even the most unusual decks can be transformed into an outdoor oasis. 

If you have a pool, you can create a private resort experience in your backyard with artificial grass around the deck. Fake grass helps to prevent slipping and can even keep your pool cleaner by catching debris that would otherwise wind up in the water.


Stays Green

Your artificial grass will stay green and gorgeous year round. No matter the weather, no matter the time of year, you can count on your turf to keep its color.

Less Maintainence

Artificial grass requires little to no maintenance. Just an occasional sweep or raking.

Less Mess

You won’t track any mud, dirt, or grass indoors when you use fake grass on your patio or deck. The turf provides the look and feel of real grass without any of the mess.

Easy on Bare Feet

Never get burned by a hot patio or deck again! Your bare feet will stay cool and comfortable walking across your new grass.


Is artificial grass good for decks?

Artificial grass can be easily installed on decks. It helps to prevent slipping and overheating, and can transform the appearance of a plain wood deck.

Is artificial grass suitable for a patio?

With proper installation, artificial grass is very suitable for a patio. It’s easy to maintain and creates a welcoming outdoor atmosphere to entertain or relax.

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