Pet-Friendly Synthetic Turf for Residences

Synthetic Turf for Residential Pets

Artificial turf is the ideal solution for pet owners who want  a durable, low-maintenance yard that looks great year round. Whether your dogs are big or small, there are many advantages to installing pet-friendly, recycled artificial grass in your yard.

Artificial Turf Is the Best For Your Pet

Easy to Maintain

Unlike a natural grass lawn, artificial grass doesn’t require watering, mowing, seeding, or fertilizing, freeing up even more time to spend with your pet!

Built Tough

Artificial turf is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic from humans and animals, making it perfect for active pets who love running around outdoors.

Fewer Bugs

Fleas will be much less likely to survive in your backyard – because pests can’t survive without a food source in an artificial environment like turf. They’re more likely to move to your neighbors live lawn!

Pet Turf Is Durable for Puppy Playtime

Synthetic grass stands up well against wear and tear from even the rowdiest pets. From rolling on the ground to playing tug-of-war, playtime is unlikely to damage artificial grass. Pet turf is perfect for pet owners with larger breeds or multiple animals at home. 

In the rare event that your artificial turf experiences excessive wear and tear, replacing specific sections will be a breeze. Pet turf products will fit together seamlessly without disrupting existing areas.

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Pet Turf Can Take Potty Breaks

One of the questions pet owners have about artificial turf is: Can it handle my pet’s potty breaks? Synthetic grass is built with small drainage holes, allowing dog urine to flow through quickly without leaving behind unpleasant odors. Just spray it down with a garden hose regularly to prevent odors from building up. 

Artificial grass products like ZeoFill improve living conditions for you and your pet through anti microbial technology. This infill locks and traps odors produced by dog urine to create a more comfortable living environment. 

When it comes to solid waste, treat artificial grass the same way as natural grass. Simply scoop, dispose of the mess, and let the rain wash away the rest. You can hose your pet turf down if you live in an area without much rainfall.

Artificial Grass Is Easy to Clean & Maintain

Keeping up with regular lawn care can be tedious. After synthetic pet turf installation, you can say goodbye to time-consuming jobs like mowing and fertilizing.

All you need to do is give your artificial lawn a pass with a stiff brush every few weeks to keep it from flattening and occasionally hose off any dirt or pet waste build-up. This should only take a few minutes. As far as deep cleaning goes, most types of synthetic turf only require water, but there are also deodorizers and enzymatic cleaners for tough messes.

About Artificial Grass Recyclers

AGR has the pet turf you need to upgrade your yard! We have repurposed turf available for 50-75% of the cost of new turf. We have over 10 million square feet of synthetic turf in stock, so contact us today to get started!

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Can dogs pee and poop on artificial turf?

Yes, synthetic grass will easily handle pet waste! Pet urine drains through the flow-through backing quickly and efficiently. You can pick up solid waste and let the rain deal with the rest or rinse it away with a garden hose.

Is pet-friendly turf worth it?

Most pet owners would say yes! Pet-friendly synthetic lawns are a clean, safe, and durable option for your furry friends. Artificial grass is easy to clean and maintain, and its quick-draining technology eliminates messes from muddy paws.

Does rain clean artificial grass?

In most cases, the rain will naturally clean your synthetic lawn and wash away the accumulation of dust, dirt, and pet waste.

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