Customer Pickup

7 Things You Should Know Before Arriving

01. AGR only buys fields in good condition. Unfortunately some sections will still contain small imperfections. This is unavoidable.

02. Used turf products may have tears, rips, jagged edges, numbers, and coloring. Most of these blemishes can be easily fixed using simple tools like glue, nails, a box cutter, and spray paint.

03. Roll sizes are approximate. We recommend purchasing 20 – 30% more square feet of turf than is needed.

04. ALL artificial turf looks different if you don’t lay it in the same direction. For a more natural looking lawn, make sure all artificial grass blades are oriented in the same direction.

05. All paperwork must be signed and delivered before we can release the turf. Talk to a sales rep to learn how to fill out your paperwork beforehand! 

06. The pickup process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. It includes paperwork, payment, processing, and loading. We recommend calling the lot beforehand for faster service. 

07. Please bring a vehicle with a double axle trailer to better support the weight of your turf rolls. Also bring ratchet straps or chains that can easily support 110% of the working load limit.