We Want Your Used Turf

Save money on disposal fees with haul-away services!

We can offload your used turf field. All you have to do is cover transportation fees and our team will handle the rest.

Get paid for your used artificial turf field through our turf purchasing program!

We’ll pay for used turf which is properly cut, in good condition, and which has had the infill extracted.

Artificial Grass Recyclers can coordinate haul away transportation of your synthetic used turf to one of our 50 facilities across the country. We accept Artificial Grass from any sports field or event facility located in the continental United States.  Some locations we obtain turf from are indoor/outdoor sporting fields (school districts, Universities and Professional Sports Fields), event centers, including areas and locations where outdoor social events are held.

AGR Operations & Logistics team will work with you on your synthetic turf removal project from the planning stage through completed haul away. We pride ourselves in doing business through lasting partnerships with companies that work on projects from 25,000 sqft and higher in the synthetic turf industry.

Infilled Turf (includes sand and/or rubber) – Roll Standard Requirement:

Our infilled or extracted turf roll maximum weight is 2,300 lbs. due to handling and workability being considered. The infilled turf standard roll measurement is 7.5’ wide and the length requirement is determined by infill weight calculation per SqFt Average length is between 35’ to 40’.

Extracted Turf (turf with sand/rubber infill removed) – Roll Standard Requirement:

In most cases we pay to obtain extracted turf. This is determined after we review and discuss the condition of used extracted turf. We consider the condition of the turf through pictures and specifications provided to determine cost.

For more information, give us a call at (855) 409-4247 or email us at info@artificialgrassrecyclers.com