Wholesale & Commercial Synthetic Turf for Pets

Commercial Turf for Pets

When your main customers are furry, four-legged friends, you want to ensure they have a clean and comfortable space to play and run free. Pet resorts, dog parks, and other animal businesses can benefit from installing recycled commercial pet turf.

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What Is Commercial Artificial Grass?

Commercial artificial grass, also known as synthetic turf, is an outdoor surface made from synthetic fibers that accurately recreates the look and feel of real grass. 

Artificial grass requires no mowing or watering, making it an ideal choice for businesses that cater to pet owners. Your clients will be happy knowing their furry family members are happy and safe, and you won’t have to worry about hours of endless maintenance.

Pets Love Artificial Turf

Pet turf provides a cushioned and comfortable surface that’s easy on paws and your wallet. Unlike natural grass, which can get patchy over time due to wear and tear, artificial grass stays lush and green year-round with minimal effort. Additionally, synthetic turf is tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic from energetic pets while providing a comfortable play area.

Artificial Grass Makes Life Easier for Homeowners

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pets

Easy to Maintain

Artificial pet turf is a lot easier to care for than real grass. All you need to do is pick up solid waste, hose it down regularly, and brush it occasionally to prevent flattening. You no longer have to worry about mowing, weeding, fertilizing, or watering.

Mud Free

One of the biggest problems with natural grass is mud – especially if you live in an area that deals with heavy rain or snowfall. Muddy paws tracking a mess indoors isn’t an issue with pet-friendly turf since it offers superior drainage and doesn’t retain moisture like real grass.


Synthetic grass does not need fertilizers or pesticides, so there is no risk of pets ingesting harmful chemicals or toxins. We also offer infill with advanced cooling technology. This will keep turf cool to the touch in hot summer months, protecting a pet’s paws from hot summer heat.


Since it’s designed specifically for pets, artificial turf is built stronger than natural grass, so it won’t get worn out easily, even after heavy use. Whether dogs are rough-housing or trying to dig, artificial grass will take a beating. Our tough, durable backing prevents pets from digging through the grass. This makes it perfect for large yards where several animals may play at once.

Cost Efficient

Installing pet turf will save you money in the long run. There are lower ongoing maintenance costs than natural lawns, and artificial grass tends to have a longer lifespan.

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Synthetic Turf For Pet Hotels

The discerning pet owner is picky about their pet boarding options. Installing synthetic turf creates a clean, comfortable environment — free from dirt, mud, and grass clippings. Artificial grass is easy to clean and looks great in all conditions, giving your human clients the impression of a professional,well-kept facility is.

Synthetic Turf for Animal Shelters

Pet turf systems are ideal for animal shelters, where hygiene and sanitation is a top priority. Artificial grass is not a habitable environment for pests, like bugs and rodents found in natural grass, meaning there are fewer bacteria on the surface. This easy-to-maintain product creates a safer environment for both humans and animals. It’s also an excellent sound insulator, helping to reduce noise from heavy paws running around.

Dogs are happy with artificial turf
Artificial Turf for Pets

Synthetic Turf For Agility Yards & Dog Runs

Artificial turf is perfect for agility yards and dog runs! Traditional surfaces such as dirt and sand can become compacted over time, leading to issues like joint pain and injury. Turf stays consistent in all conditions, offering canine athletes the cushion and support they need to stay healthy and perform their best.

Commercial-grade synthetic turf provides a softer, low impact surface that can withstand the pressure of multiple dogs running at once. Artificial grass for dogs makes training easier and helps prevent potential injuries.

About Artificial Grass Recyclers

Artificial Grass Recyclers provides quality used turf to homes and businesses across the nation. We’ve recycled over 7 million square feet of used turf and have more than 10 million square feet of product ready for any project, at any budget!

Our artificial grass is recycled sports turf, so you can be sure this durable material can stand up against heavy paw traffic and playful pets. AGR will supply the products you need to build a top-notch pet turf system.

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Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

Yes, dogs can do their business on pet turf just like they would on natural grass. Pet urine drains away quickly, but you’ll need to scoop and dispose of solid waste.

Does turf get too hot for dogs?

Not at all! Synthetic grass stays cool on warm days, providing a more comfortable surface for sensitive paws.

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