Synthetic Turf for Golf Ranges

Maintaining natural turf is costly and time-consuming for driving ranges. Fortunately, artificial turf technology makes it easier. Synthetic turf ranges are durable, low-maintenance, and have lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Turf golf ranges use artificial grass surfaces instead of natural grass. Synthetic grass has been around since the 1960s, but golf courses, driving ranges, and putting greens have only recently adopted the technology.

Turf golf ranges offer many advantages over natural grass, making them an excellent option for professional and recreational players. Here we will take a look at some of these benefits and the history of synthetic turf in golf.

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The History of Artificial Grass & Golf

The first synthetic turf was developed in 1964 by the Chemstrand Company, a subsidiary of Monsanto Industries. They originally designed it to replace concrete and brick surfaces in schoolyards, but Chemstrand made waves when they installed it in Houston’s Astrodome two years later. 

Since then, many sports have made the switch to artificial turf, including football, soccer, baseball, and cricket. On golf courses, it was initially only used for putting greens. Now, it is also a common surface for tee boxes and driving range mats.

Synthetic turf provides an even playing surface, reduces wear and tear on equipment, and requires less maintenance than natural grass, so golf courses and driving ranges quickly took advantage of this technology. The adoption of turf in golf has since improved player satisfaction and the longevity of courses.

Benefits Of Turf Golf Ranges

Synthetic turf makes it easier and more convenient for driving ranges to maintain their turf and golfers to practice their swing. Going artificial can save a lot of time and money and has environmental benefits.

Cost Savings

Natural grass is expensive to install and upkeep. You will also cut down on ongoing maintenance costs, such as fertilizers and water bills.


Real grass suffers from wear and tear due to high traffic and extreme weather conditions like flooding or drought. Synthetic grass can withstand inclement weather conditions and heavy hits without damage or loss of quality. It offers superior drainage to prevent puddling. This makes it ideal for hitting mats and high-traffic tee areas where players may take thousands of shots daily.

Low Maintenance

Live grass requires regular mowing and watering throughout the year. Unlike a natural grass course, synthetic turf is a virtually maintenance-free surface. It is the perfect solution for those without the time or resources to maintain natural turf. Artificial grass means less work and more play, whether for backyard putting greens, hitting mats for driving ranges, tee lines, or the whole course.

Fast Play

Nobody wants to play on soggy driving range mats. Water creates resistance on hitting mats, which can affect your game. While natural turf can take hours or even days to dry fully, synthetic turf has a cutting-edge drainage system that allows immediate play.

All Weather Playability

As mentioned above, golfers can play on artificial turf in all weather conditions without damaging their performance. Thanks to its superior drainage capabilities, golf courses and driving ranges can bring business rain or shine.

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Why Golfers Love Artificial Grass Recyclers

Artificial Grass Recyclers (AGR) offers avid golfers top-notch yet cost-effective playing surfaces for your tee lines, hitting mats, driving ranges, etc. At AGR, we “recycle” existing synthetic turf from community sports centers around the country. 

Local regulations require sports centers to replace these fields every few years, regardless of condition. They would normally end up in a landfill, but we take and resell the highest quality turf at discounted prices. Recycled synthetic turf offers the same benefits as it would brand-new, so you could save 50-75% on exceptional putting, driving range, or tee line turf without sacrificing quality.

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