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Keep your family, friends, and neighbors entertained for hours with an artificial grass bocce court. With artificial grass, your outdoor space can easily be transformed into a competitor’s paradise. We offer quality new and used turf at competitive prices.

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The Benefits Of Turf For Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is one of the most beloved outdoor games. It offers hours of fun for people of all ages and communities!

Not all courts are created equal. Artificial turf is the ideal playing surface for bocce ball. Just look where the professionals play!

Professional bocce players use artificial grass because it offers greater consistency when compared to sand or natural grass, and requires substantially less maintenance. Turf offers a more consistent roll and bounce than live grass, sand, or crushed stone. And synthetic turf stays green all year long!

Artificial turf courts don’t wear down as easily as other surfaces. Live grass can develop divots or dry patches over time that can prevent bocce balls from rolling evenly. Not only this, but bocce ball equipment can flatten live grass over time, damaging your court and leading to inconsistent gameplay. Turf won’t divot or flatten. It lasts years, even decades, so you can enjoy it over and over!

Sand might be easy to level out after a game, but it has its own issues. It makes games unpredictable because its consistency and hardness varies with moisture levels. If the weather is dry, then the sand will be softer, and players won’t be able to roll with as much precision.

If the weather is rainy, then the surface will remain wet and stiff, even after the rain stops. With a turf bocce ball court, you’ll know what conditions you can expect with every game. Artificial turf offers superior drainage solutions so you can enjoy a game, even after it rains!

When it comes to crushed stone, like pea gravel, the issue is not so much with the surface as it is with what it does to your equipment. Repeated rolling on gravel causes damage to game pieces. Turf offers the perfect game without the tough impact on your equipment!

Lastly, these other bocce court options are expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Grass is labor-intensive. It needs to be mowed, fertilized, and weeded. Sand blows away with heavy rain and wind. And gravel causes you to have to replace your equipment, which isn’t cost-effective. Turf requires very little maintenance so that you can focus on playing bocce ball with your friends and family!

Artificial grass bocce ball courts are a great investment if you want to reduce time and money spent maintaining your court and improve gameplay!

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Our Turf Products

AGR is the largest, most trusted supplier of used turf in the country. We’ve recycled over 7 million square feet of artificial turf and have over 10 million square feet of turf in stock. And our long lasting sports turf is perfect for your favorite lawn games, like bocce ball!

About Artificial Grass Recyclers

AGR offers best possible deals on quality used turf. Our turf is sourced from community sports centers. Local regulations require these fields to be switched out every several years, regardless of condition. Artificial Grass Recyclers buys the highest quality fields and resells them to customers across the country at discounted rates.

For customers looking to increase curb appeal with a lush lawn, AGR offers beautiful new turf products as well. Whatever the project, we have the right artificial grass for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bocce ball be played on fake grass?
People can easily play bocce ball on artificial (fake) grass. Players can enjoy the game the same way regardless of whether the grass is live or artificial.
Is a synthetic turf court the best option for bocce ball?
Though a variety of materials can be used when making a bocce ball court, artificial turf is always a favorite. Competitive bocce ball players looking for the best experience possible will almost always play on a turf court.
What makes artificial bocce ball courts better?
Artificial courts require little maintenance while retaining their color and durability. In addition to the upkeep of synthetic grass courts being much less time-consuming, pesticides and chemicals that keep pests and weeds at bay can also be avoided.

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