Are you starting a few landscaping project soon?

Take a look at the following landscaping tips and tricks to help you prepare you for your next project.

  1. Use a tarp – Keep this tidy.
  2. Create an edge – While you can buy plastic or metal edging for your walkways, a natural edge is more appealing. Create a natural edge by planting a variety of plants.
  3. Use weed fabric strategically – This prevents your mulch and gravel from sinking into the soil below. Don’t bother using weed fabric in planters, as it will only work for a short period of time.
  4. Use starter fertelizer – This can provide a boost for your new plants.
  5. Work from a plan –
  6. Bulk vs Bagged – If you’re applying your soil in one area, it makes sense to go with the bulk option. However, if you need to move your soil around the yard, or between yards, bagged may be the better option for you.
  7. Test your soil – It’s all about the soil, so make sure your soil is ready to go.
  8. Garden tools – Make sure you have the proper tools to complete the job before you get started.
  9. Use your annuals in ideal locations, including your mailbox, walkway, and other areas in the front yard.
  10. If you collect leaves, mow them into your lawn or grind them up and use them as mulch.

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