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Whether you’re interested in used artificial grass recycled from sports turf, drought tolerant commercial landscaping, or adding native plants to your garden, you’ll find a few of the article below helpful.

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Benefits of Planting Native Shrubs

Benefits of Planting Native Shrubs | Artificial Grass RecyclersHomeowners living in arid areas, like the Southwest, have discovered the benefits of planting native shrubs throughout their landscaping. If you’re interested in saving water and supporting your local area, take a look at the benefits of native shrubs.

Shrubs that grow in arid areas thrive with very little water, which means you can enjoy a beautiful landscape all year long without the need for excessive water use.

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How to Install Artificial Turf At Home

How to Install Artificial Turf At Home | Artificial Grass RecyclersInstalling artificial turf is one of the best ways to save water.

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t need water every day in order to maintain its health and appearance. Artificial grass looks lush and green all year long, which means you don’t have to spend your time or money tending to it.

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Tenants Want Beautiful Commercial Landscaping

Tenants Want Beautiful Commercial Landscaping | Artificial Grass RecyclersThis article if for property managers tending to commercial landscaping, but it can apply to those interested in proptecting the value of their property or selling it a few years down the roda.

One of the first things we notice about a property is its landscaping. The way a property looks has an impact on first impressions, and can even mean the difference between anew tenant applying or driving by.

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Artificial Sports Turf Re-Purposed for Practice Field

Artificial Sports Turf Re-Purposed for Practice FieldYou may not know this, but artificial grass can be recycled and re-purposed for further use beyond its initial installation.

This helps keep waste out of landfills, which supports a healthier environment and long material lifespan. Take a look at this quick article to learn how the Bulldog’s sports organization re-purposed their sports turf for a dedicated practice field.

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Landscaping with Native Plants

Landscaping with Native Plants | Artificial Grass RecyclersIn addition to planting native shrubs, you may have a wide variety of other native plants, including flowers and trees, to chose from. Take a look at this article to learn more about landscpaing with native plants.

Adding native plants to your front or backyard is a great way to adapt to the changing times, conserve water, and add a splash of native color to your property.

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