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Native Plants and Smarter Sprinklers Save Water

Outdoor irrigation is responsible for 30% of your average water bill, so optimizing your sprinkler system can be a great way to save water and in turn money. In addition, replacing thirsty plants with native plants will reduce your need to water often.

Take a look at these ideas about native plants and smarter sprinklers to learn more.

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How to Create Dog-Friendly Landscaping

We love our dogs, but they can take a toll on our landscaping.

One of the more popular reasons homeowners install artificial grass in their yard is to create a more dog-friendly yard – one that accommodates their natural behavior, including running, digging, and relieving themselves.

Whether you want to train them to use a small area for their bathroom needs, or protect your lawn from being dug up, artificial grass may be the right solution for you. Learn more about the benefits here.

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Artificial Grass Enhances Local Animal Shelter

Another great use for artificial grass can be found at your local animal shelter.

We wanted to share this story about one animal shelter in Newman, because it highlighted one of the benefits artificial grass provides to animals – comfort. If you’ve ever been to an animal shelter, you know they’re mostly made of concrete and dirt, which isn’t very welcoming.

Installing artificial grass provides lost animals with temporary comfort while reducing maintenance for animal shelter managers.

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Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard This Year

If you’re ready to get back to your yard, you may want to keep these landscaping ideas in mind.

The drought has been taking a toll on the a large number of states throughout the southwest, which has been devastating to property featuring natural grass and non-native plants. Take a look at these ideas to move forward in a way that protects both your landscaping and the value of your property.

Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard This Year

A Little Water-Wise Gardening Tip

Living in an arid area isn’t easy these days.

Between the ongoing drought and increase in climate change, it makes sense we consider the benefits of moving toward water-wise gardening and landscaping. This tip will save you water, money, and protect your garden despite harsh weather conditions.

A Little Water-Wise Gardening Tip


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