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If you’re interested in protecting your front and backyards from the ongoing drought, reducing your water usage, or even finding affordable artifical turf for your home or sports facility, we have a few stories this week that you might find helpful.

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15 Easy Ways to Improve Your Landscaping This Year

Improve Your LandscapingLet’s start from the top.

We found an article providing easy ways you can improve your backyard. These ideas won’t require a lot of resources to achieve, and can accommodate just about any size yard. Start here for inspiration and let us know which ideas you think you’ll explore this year.

It doesn’t take much to improve your yard, it just takes a little creativity.

12 Low-Water Plants for Your Yard

Low-Water PlantsLooking for ways to reduce your water usage in your yard?

Take a look at these twelve low-water plants that thrive in arid conditions. You may find that these provide the water needs you need to successfully cut back your water. In addition, these can add a splash of native variety that promotes drought-tolerant gardening.

6 Ways Landscaping Can Protect Property Value

Protect Property Value with landscapingYour landscaping is one of the first things potential buyers, friends, and families notice. Taking care of your landscaping is important for you now as well as for the future.

Take a look at these six landscaping ideas that can help protect your property value, ensuring your property doesn’t experience decreased value due to failing landscaping.

Where to Put Houseplants In Your Home

Where to Put HouseplantsIf you’re not sure where to place houseplants throughout your home, you should take a look at this article.

Though it may seem pretty simple, the placement of your plants is very important. Some require a lot of light while others thrive in less. It’s worth looking into it because houseplants actually improve the quality of the air in your home.

Artificial Grass for Sports Helps Prevent Concussions

Artificial Grass for SportsNeed affordable artificial grass for your sports field?

It’s important you take care of older sports turf sooner than later, as it can have an impact on the safety of the playing environment if not well managed. This includes regularly testing the softness for industry standards and replacing it when necessary.

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