Want to reduce your business landscaping costs?

Due to rising water costs and increasing temperatures, maintaining a welcoming appearance for your business has become difficult. While some business owners have opted to let their landscaping go until arid conditions cool down, others don’t have that option due to the commercial property management.

Even if you wanted to let your landscaping go, it could have a negative impact on your business due to decreased curb appeal.

So what can you do?

Ways to Reduce Your Business Landscaping Costs

A green, lush landscape is important to draw customers to your property, enhance your business’s image in the corporate community and increase your property’s value.

Unfortunately, landscape maintenance costs can make a significant dent in your company’s annual budget. In warm climates with longer growing seasons, the impact can be even greater. The good news is you can significantly reduce your company’s landscaping costs without negatively impacting the property’s attractiveness or value.

Here are some of the top ways to do that.

Simple Landscaping Design

It is important to think about landscape maintenance during the initial design process. Consider not only the cost to install the landscaping, but how much it will cost to care for over the long run. When the maintenance factor is left out of landscape design, a commercial property can suffer if the design is too complex and costly to maintain. Complex designs cost a lot more than more simpler designs. In addition, these complex designs are not usually necessary. In fact, some of the most beautiful designs are simple ones. Work with your landscape designer to come up with ideas to help you decrease future maintenance costs.

Save by Mulching

Mulching landscape beds is a great way to save on commercial landscaping. This promotes water savings and lowers the costs of plant replacement. In addition, a freshly mulched site provides curb appeal to your property. To help lower the cost of mulching even more, consider applying mulch to the front of your building and the common areas only, rather than applying it all over.

Choose the Right Plants

Choose native plants that grow naturally in the climate where your business is located. Native plants are much simpler to care for than plants that are not native to the area. So, if your business is located on Oahu, for instance, choose plants that grow naturally on the island. This will reduce the use of fertilizers and other lawn care products. In addition to choosing native plants, consider decreasing plant spacing and size. This can open up a bed and make the area feel more airy and spacious. In addition, smaller plants usually cost less and you will need fewer of them.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is not just for sporting arenas or residential properties. Installing artificial grass can be a great way to lower landscaping maintenance costs significantly, especially over the long run. Artificial grass has a number of benefits over real grass. An artificial landscape eliminates the need for mowing, fertilizing and weeding. To save even more, consider buying recycled artificial grass. Recycled artificial turf typically costs much less than buying it new.

Keep up With Regular Tree Maintenance

Although, this is something that is relatively easy to overlook, it is an important part of regular landscaping. Tree maintenance can save your business money by keeping your trees healthy and strong. Emergency tree service is expensive. Well-maintained trees are less likely to need emergency tree care. In addition, a healthy tree is better able to withstand storms. Regular tree trimming also reduces the likelihood of a personal injury claim, as it reduces the likelihood that a limb will fall on nearby property or on a person.