Looking for ways to reduce your monthly water bill?

The cost of water is increasing steadily, but you do not want to stop taking showers or washing dishes.

A great way to save money on water is switching over to artificial grass that requires almost no maintenance. With the drought-like conditions in many areas of the United States, many water companies are limiting water use while also increasing the cost of water.

If you are struggling to pay a water bill each month, then there are ways to reduce your usage.

1. Wash all of Your Dishes Once a Day

Instead of filling up both sides of your kitchen’s double sink after each meal to wash dishes, wait until the end of the day and wash everything at once. Avoid spraying dishes constantly to rinse off the soapsuds by putting the washed plates and eating utensils in a dishpan filled with hot water.

2. Use a Bowl to Wash Fruits and Vegetables

To save water while prepping fresh vegetables and fruit, fill a large bowl with water to hold the carrots, green beans or grapes. With this method of washing debris from produce, you are going to save hundreds of gallons of water each year.

3. Set a Timer before Taking a Shower

In order to reduce water usage, take shorter showers. Use your cellphone or a kitchen-cooking timer to set an appropriate shower length time of 10 to 15 minutes. This is plenty of time to shower each day along with shampooing your hair. Not only will you remain clean, but also, you may find that your skin is in better condition with less dryness.

4. Fill a Bucket to Wash a Vehicle

If maintaining the exterior of a vehicle is important to you, then you probably wash it at least once a week. Rather than using a garden hose during the process, fill a bucket with soapy water instead to wash away road debris. After you have completed washing the vehicle, rinse off the soapy water with a garden hose in just two minutes to avoid wasting water.

5. Replace Your Lawn with Artificial Grass

Unlike natural lawn, artificial grass doesn’t require water to maintain it’s healthy appearance. So you can enjoy a bright green lawn all year long, and for years to come, without every needing to water it.


Using these four methods for reducing water usage can help you save water and reduce the amount of money you spend on your water bill each month.

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