One of the most overlooked aspects of landscaping is color.

If you’re creating a low-maintenance yard with the use of artificial grass there are several flowers you can plant that actually compliment your low-maintenance, drought-tolerant landscaping.

Take a look and let us know which flowers you like best.

1. Bee Balm

The Bee Balm (Monardo didymo) is a tall, fragrant plant that works well as a backdrop in a flower garden. Bee balm will produce bloom color during the hottest, driest part of summer when other plants have slowed down production. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the colorful flowers.

2. Verbena

Verbena (Verbena hybrida) loves the hot, dry days of summer and will serve as a double-duty plant. Verbena grows close to the soil and acts as living mulch when planted among other flowers and will produce its own deep purple blooms.

3. Daylily

Daylily (Hemerocallis) are sun-loving flowers that are easy to grow, adapt to most soil conditions and are drought-tolerant. The hardy perennial comes in almost every bloom color imaginable. All this colorful flower requires to produce summer-long color is to have the spent blooms removed daily.

4. Trumpet Honeysuckle

Trumpet Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) is a great choice when you need a flowering vine in your landscape to cover a trellis or other structure. This twining vine loves the sun and will produce clusters of red, tube-shaped flowers in the spring that attract hummingbirds.

5. Powderpuff

Powderpuff (Mimosa strigillosa) is a low maintenance, low-growing ground cover plant that will produce showy, pink powderpuff-like blooms. The plant loves full sun, is drought-tolerant and will spread quickly to fill in an empty landscape area. Powderpuff will reach a mature height of 3 inches and makes a good border plant.

6. Flowering Tobacco

Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana alata) blooms in the early evening and fills the air with a sweet fragrance. Blooms are shaped like trumpets and come shades of pink, red, white or lime green. The large-leafed plant grows well in most soil conditions and will reach a mature height of 4 feet.


Whether your landscaping looks a little dull or brown due to the increasing temperatures or you’re just looking to get back into the garden, these six flowers will be sure to brighten up your yard … and your day!

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