Artificial grass is one of the most adaptable and useful materials out there.

It makes any back yard look amazing thanks to its evergreen nature and low maintenance style. Have you thought about using it in commercial landscaping, though? You can put it to good use almost anywhere commercially.

Here’s why you should consider artificial grass for almost any commercial project.

Discount Artificial Grass for Commercial Turf Applications

Commercial landscaping is any landscaping that is done for a non residential purpose. It’s done for several different reasons, such as:

  • To make an area look more attractive: This is the most obvious reason. Every business needs to keep their premises looking good if they want to attract customers.
  • To deter crime: It sounds unusual, but an area that is obviously well cared for will deter criminals, as it’s more likely to have people around watching out for it.
  • Shows a business is detail oriented: If you’re taking care of the outside of the building, your clients know that you’ll take care of them. It shows you pay attention to everything, even if it isn’t directly related to the business at hand.
  • Improve market prices: There’s the value of the land to consider, too. If you take care of your outdoor spaces, your building value will go up. It’s worth keeping in mind if you’re looking to move location sometime in the future.

Why Artificial Grass is the Best Option

Artificial grass is the best option for businesses that want to look great from the outdoors, but can’t devote the time or effort to maintain real grass.

Artificial grass requires no watering or mowing, very rarely requires weeding and will look green and lush all year round. It’s also a really adaptable material to use in any of your outdoor spaces. As well as covering your floors to create lawns, it can also carpet walls or even furniture.

It will hold up well to the elements for years and all you’ll have to do is brush it every now and then.

6 Smart Commercial Turf Applications

There are plenty of times when artificial grass would work perfectly for your business. Here are just a few ideas and tips for when you could use it:

  1. Schools and playgrounds: Artificial grass can be a great alternative to tarmac or concrete for playgrounds. It’s a lot safer, especially when children are running around, and of course it won’t need much maintenance.

You can choose to cover your current playground with artificial lawn without much hassle. All you have to do is lay down sand, a weed membrane and the lawn itself. Attach it down and it’s ready to go. You can also choose to cover just certain areas with it too, such as a soft play area.

  1. Concerts and festivals: Artificial grass is an excellent surface for any concert. It can be kept as a temporary surface if the area will be used for other things afterwards, or as a permanent measure. It allows concert goers to sit on the ground in comfort and provides a safe surface for everyone to use.

If installing as a permanent surface, however, install it as usual and make sure you keep it maintained well, as it will need to hold up to quite heavy use. Keep an eye on it though, and it can still serve you well for years to come.

  1. Internal office break zones: Why not think outside the box? Office break zones are often quite dull and grey, but that doesn’t mean yours needs to be the same. Rather than carpeting it with regular carpet, how about carpeting it with artificial grass? It can brighten up the room if you pair it with an ‘outdoors’ theme, and help productivity in your employees.

To install it, you lay an artificial lawn in the same way you’d lay a carpet. Just measure out the floor space you need to cover to ensure you’ve bought enough. For bonus points, drill a hole in the lawn to create an indoor putting green! Not every office can boast one of those.

  1. Bars and smoking areas: There are several uses for artificial grass in your bar, and they can all give it that unique touch.

Try covering the smoking area floor in artificial grass to give it a classy look that many smoking areas lack. You can also line the walls with it both inside and out, if you want to create a fun garden theme. You can even cover your bar in it if you want it to look that little bit different.

  1. Unusual signage: No good business can be without signage, but why not do something different with yours? You can create lettering that’s covered in artificial grass, so your premises will stand out amongst the crowd.

To cover your letters or signage, buy the correct amount of grass, then wrap it around the areas you want to cover. You can attach it on the back with screws, staples, or glue, depending on how permanent it needs to be.

  1. Sporting venues and events: Naturally, one of the best places for artificial grass is a sporting venue. It’s been used for over 50 years as a replacement grass, but modern grass is much softer and easier on athletes than early models.

You can lay artificial grass in any area used for sporting. It could also be used in seating areas as an affordable way to create comfortable, easily maintainable seating.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

There are plenty of reasons why you’d pick artificial grass over real turf.

  • Easy to DIY: You can easily install it yourself, as it’s a very simple process. There are lots of guides available online to help you.
  • Easily maintained: No watering, mowing or weeding means you’ll barely have to spend any time on it.
  • It can be used anywhere: Use your imagination!

This guide has shown you a few ways in which you can use artificial grass, but use it however you see fit. It’s your business and there’ll be a way in which artificial grass will fit right in with it.