Will Rogers is credited for making the statement, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” That’s true of your home as well. When someone comes to your house for the first time, what do they see first?

Your landscaping.

Protect Property Value with Attractive Landscaping

Even if you’re not interested in selling your property now, it’s always a good idea to to plan ahead. If the time comes, you want your property looking the best it can and landscaping plays a huge role.

Buyers are thinking about the ongoing drought, and desire a property capable of handling poor weather conditions. When they see a natural lawn, they know it’s going to need water.

But some buyers are weary of natural lawn, because though it may offer that emotional ideal many people look for in a house, they also know it’s going to cost money to maintain it. One way around this is to replace the natural lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping.

Landscape economist, John Harris, says that good landscaping can increase your home’s value up to 28%. The landscape is the first thing a prospective buyer sees and creates a lasting impression of the home.

However, there are specific things to consider if you want an attractive landscape.

  1. Having healthy trees within 100 feet of the home which provide a canopy overhead, can add about $9,000 to the value a home in Portland Oregon, according to one study. This is true in other parts of the country as well. In addition, trees can save money each year in energy costs by shading the home or by providing windbreaks that protect it from cold winter winds.
  2. You will have greater success in landscaping if you stick with native plants. They tolerate the climate better than non-native plants and often require less care.
  3. Take a critical look at any walkway on your property. Repair or replace any broken or missing stones.
  4. Examine any shrubbery. If any are dead replace, them, and trim any of them have had dead limbs. Keep the hedges neatly trimmed.
  5. Your grass probably requires the most time and money in maintenance. Check for dead patches and either re-sod or replant the area.
  6. Unfortunately, with parts of the country facing extended drought, having a beautiful lawn is harder to do. One solution to that problem is replacing your grass with artificial turf which is economical and requires little maintenance and upkeep.

Your home is your biggest investment and having the most attractive landscape possible will protect that investment.