A dripping faucet wastes over 500 gallons of water each year. Think of all the dripping faucets in homes across the nation, perhaps even in your own home, and that adds up to a mind boggling amount of wasted water. Even if we take dripping faucets out of the equation, 95 percent of the water that enters into our home goes down the drain.

Now consider the water we use outside of the home. Watering the lawn, flowers and garden, washing the car and a host of other water-related activities may be a waste of a vital resource if we’re doing it wrong. Consider these water-wasting activities and how a few small changes can help conserve this precious liquid resource.


Activities that waste water 

* Allowing the water to run while brushing teeth or shaving can waste up to four gallons of water. Only run the amount of water needed for the grooming task.

* An older toilet uses up three gallons of water per flush while newer toilets only use one gallon. Installing a low-flow toilet will save hundreds of gallons of water annually.

* Leaky pipes account for up to a 65% loss of water annually. Inspect pipes regularly and have leaks fixed promptly.

* Taking a shower uses less water than taking a bath. Installing a water-saving shower head will conserve even more water.

* Using a dishwasher to clean dirty dishes instead of washing them by hand uses up to 30% less water. Always wait until the dishwasher is full before running to ensure you are using water, electricity and detergent in the most efficient manner possible.

* Wash only full loads of dirty clothes and use the lowest water setting possible. Washing in cold water and on the shortest setting will also help conserve other natural resources.

* Up to 50% of the water used to quench the thirst of lawns is lost through evaporation. Watering the lawn, garden or flowers during the heat of the day results in twice as much water being used in order to get the job done.

* Consider installing artificial grass instead of sod or grass to conserve water. Artificial turf requires no watering, feeding or weeding and remains green year around.

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